Your Best Friend at Thanksgiving

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cartoon of thanksgiving dinnerAre you having a houseful of family or guest at Thanksgiving.  When the kids were little and we would have company for at least a week at Thanksgiving, I was always in a panic of what to cook for the days leading up to Thanksgiving and after.  The main problem was that we had a lot of activities planned and it was difficult to spend the day going into the city and then coming home at night and cooking.  Last year everything changed when I took out my crockpot in an attempt to make the holidays not so hectic and crazy.  I decided on four different meals that I knew everyone would like.  I made a list of ingredients that I needed.  The week before everyone arrived I did all the prep work.

The week of Thanksgiving with family and friends always coming and going was so much fun because I wasn’t always worrying if I had enough time to cook.  I would get up in the morning and put everything into the crockpot before we would head out for the day and when we got home at night the house smelled so good because we had a delicious hot and healthy dinner waiting for us.  Getting the crockpot going in the morning was a   quick process because the prep work was already done. It really was so easy and everyone (especially me) was so relaxed and enjoyed themselves.

One tip is to wait and put in quick cooking veggies, such as corn and peas the last 30 minutes.  This gives the whole meal a really fresh taste.  There are a mired of recipes on the web of meals  that we never before thought of cooking in the slow cooker so if you don’t use an old family favorite try out something adventurous such as Mexican food. Also there are new recipe books always coming out on the slow cooker because many chefs are now finding new and different ways to cook in them. My most favorite tip is if you are having people coming and going all day long on Thanksgiving Day,   keep the mashed potatoes in the slow cooker on warm.  Don’t forget you can also cook breakfast and desserts in the slow cooker—Perhaps you may need an extra one around the house this year.

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