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A vitamin B 12 deficiency can affect anyone from infancy through the elderly.  It is often confused with many different diseases and can even cause infertility in both men and women. It can increase your chance of developing a stroke, a heart attack or cancer.  Most notably, the symptoms can be the result of many different memory or mental problems.

Vitamin B 12 is a unique vitamin in that it is the only vitamin you can’t obtain  from plants or sunlight.  Plants don’t need B12 and  they don’t store it.  B12 is produced in the guts of animals.  This can be a particular problem for vegetarians that also don’t eat animal by- products.     To obtain B 12 in your diet you need to eat meat, poultry, fish, eggs, dairy products or foods fortified with B12.  Unfortunately, sometimes even a diet high in B12 with supplements doesn’t supply enough B12 for some bodies.  Some bodies have trouble absorbing or using B12.   Toxins, poor diets, and other environment factors affect the lining of the stomach which can affect the absorbtion of B12.

There are also certain diseases that affect the absorption of B12.  Alcohol and certain medications affect the lining of the stomach that  converts B12 in the body for the functions it is meant to perform.

Those who can’t metabolize B12, often think that by taking a daily mulitiple vitamin that  will help their  problem, are wrong. Even a B12 supplement doesn’t often help.

The good news is that if a B12 deficiency is properly diagnosed there are different options that can be pursued to rectify the situation.  So if you have been going from doctor to doctor or taking endless test to try and figure out the cause of you problems  without any results, maybe a B12 deficiency screening might help you find a possible answer.

If this is your problem, your doctor can help you in several different ways.  There are high potency B12 lozengers, vitamin B12 shots, or  g probiotics  to help relieve your symptoms.

Patients and doctors need to be aware of the symptoms and causes of B12 deficicency.  A simple test  can save a lot of time, money, and stress if this is the cause.




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