Turkey Tetrazzini

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turkey tetrazzini

Turkey tetrazzini is a turkey pasta one pot meal.  You can use leftover turkey or cook the turkey fresh. You can use basically any pasta you have around the kitchen.    The most popular pasta is spaghetti.  But I often use fettuccine or egg noodles.  If you are serving this to kids use their favorite pasta.  And you can use any of your favorite vegetables.

The big secret to this recipe is to precook the turkey to make a delicious broth in the pressure cooker. Then cook the rest of the recipe in the pot of the pressure cooker.  Only one pot to wash!

Here is a step by step demonstration with photos on how to make both the broth and the tetrazzini:


You probably already have most of the ingredients already in your kitchen.  I especially like making it on a cold snowy day when I am stuck in the house.  And there have been a lot of them this winter.  The smells fill the house with a yummy aroma and almost reminds you of the holidays and all the delicious food.

Make a big pot of this pasta meal so you have enough leftovers to just heat up for another meal.  The secret to this recipe is that  it isn’t so time consuming.  The carcass is cooked  in a pressure cooker.  This makes the most delicious broth while getting all the meat off the bones.  Sure, you can do this in just a large stock pot,  but it takes forever!

turkeyDid you know that it has scientifically been proven that the marrow in the bones of the turkey and chicken will help speed up recovery from a nasty cold?  This is yet another reason to make this delicious meal.

Be creative and substitute your favorite foods whenever appropriate.  You can substitute chicken for turkey, and you can also use a fresh chicken or turkey. Or just use turkey or chicken pieces.   You can also substitute any of your favorite veggies instead of using corn and red peppers.  Also, use your favorite spices to make it your signature dish.  If you don’t like the cheese suggested–use whatever type you have on hand or leave it out altogether.   As you can see this is a very applicable recipe to meet your own palette requirements.

Would love to hear how you put your own personal tweak on this recipe to make it custom made for your family.

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