Top Secret of Top Chefs—Flavored Butter

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blog-flavored butterMost top chefs in outstanding restaurants use flavored butter to melt on many of their meals at the end of cooking.  These flavored butters are used on many meats (especially steaks) and fish.  Flavored butter is also used on vegetables to give them that special flavor that you just don’t get at home.

This is something you can actually make at home and keep on hand.  They are simply to make and you are only limited by your imagination with whatever flavors you want to infuse in the butter.  Let butter reach room temperature.  Put butter into a food processor and then add your favorite spices.  Process the butter until all the spices are thoroughly incorporated.  You have several choices on how to save the flavored butter.  It can be formed back into a stick. Or take a teaspoon full of butter and place on a plate until the plate is full and then place in the refrigerator.  After the butter has hardened into the teaspoon shapes, place them in a plastic bag or refrigerator container.  This can be place in either the refrigerator or the freezer.

It you are going to try to make flavored butter try making several different types.  Try experimenting with the spices and see what type of butter you like best on meat, fish, potatoes, bread or vegetables.

My favorite flavored butter is chive butter.  Just add some fresh chives and a small amount of garlic powder to butter.  This is great on potatoes, meats, or a dipping sauce for seafood.

Make sure you know what kind of butter you are using.  Is it salted or unsalted?  If it is salted make sure you don’t add any more salt to the butter.

We would like to hear your favorite butter recipe and what you find it is most delicious on.  Please let us hear from you in the comment box below.  SHARE this with those you love to talk food with and see if you can come up with some tasty butter flavors.

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