The Perfect Valentine’s Day Dessert

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valentine's day

First of all,  it has to be chocolate.  Second of all,  it has to be quick and easy to make.  And most important of all it has to be scrumptious!

The answer is:  MOLTEN LAVA CAKE.  The secret to quick and easy is a simple recipe and making it in the pressure cooker. This is also the secret to “Scrumptiousness.” (I think that is a word, but if not, it still applies to this decadent dessert).

Silicon mouldIf you have never made a cake in the pressure cooker,  you are missing out on moistness.  Pressure cooker cakes are infused with the moisture than the pressure cooker steams into it.  For more info on cakes in the pressure cooker click here.

You can use almost any type of cake pan in your pressure cooker.  The “new type” of pan that is very popular on the market now are made out of silicone.  The one type of pan that I would recommend you stay away from are glass pans or containers.  They do not work well in the pressure cooker.

colored silicon moulds

Also, what makes this cake easy is that you don’t have to frost it–the frosting is inside.  When you cut into it this ooey,  gooey chocolate, yumminess creeps out. Another thing that makes it so easy is that you can make it ahead of time and put it in the refrigerator.  Just take it out, put it in the pressure cooker before you eat and let it reach room temperature while eating.  “Wa La”–dessert is served.

molten lava cake

Here is this simple and easy, yet mouthwatering delicious recipe.  Try it for Valentine’s or any special occasion during the year.  It will always be a hit.



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