The Perfect Gift for the Busy Cook

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cartoon of busy momWith the holidays upon us, time is of the essence.  Everyone is busy with parties to attend and entertaining.  Not to mention decorating the house, gift buying, writing cards, volunteer work and more than the usual baking. The cook seems to be one of the busiest people because they have to keep up with the everyday meals in addition to everything else.  If you know someone who is busy, the slow cooker will help them prepare healthy and savory meals.  The slow cooker is the perfect gift for the holidays, birthday, or any special occasion.  If you don’t have one, check out the suggestions in this article and put the one you want on your holiday gift list.

If you have a slow cooker, pull it out from the back of the cabinet and use it to help you get through the holidays.  Once you start using the slow cooker, you won’t believe how much easier your day will go.  A lot of it is psychological because you won’t be  thinking all day—“What am I going to cook for dinner?”

Just try the following  experiment for two weeks and prove to yourself how less stressful your life will be.  Decide on 5 slow cooker recipes.  Click here for some delicious slow cooker recipes.    Make a list of all the ingredients needed and pick them up on your next trip to the grocery store.

For the first week, on the weekend, make all the preparations needed for 2 of the meals and decide which 2 days of the week to cook in the cooker.  Then it  should take about 15 minutes each morning—then your day is free!  The second week, on the weekend, make all the preparations needed for 3 meals.   At the end of these 2 weeks you will realized how much time, stress, and frustration, just a little planning and preparation will save you.

crockpot for blogThe top two selling brands of slow cookers are Crock Pot and Hamilton Beach.  If you don’t have a slow cooker or your old one needs replacing, compare these two brands and you will be sure to find one you will like.  This website gives a lot of ideas on how to buy the  slow cooker that will best suit your needs and lifestyle.

The Crock Pot family of cookers is available in a large variety of sizes and styles.  Click here for more information that will help you decide exactly which one will help you toward a more stress free holiday.

hamilton beach slow cooker for blogThe Hamilton Beach Company is also known for its reliability and top quality in this type of electric cooker.  The variety seems unending.  Please review everything that is available before making a final decision.  There is so much to consider and choose from.  Click here for some reviews of the top products that are available.   This website will help you to make the right choice.  Don’t forget to also buy for that someone in your life that needs a little extra help in making their life a little less stressful. Also, check out the new models available, you may want to upgrade the one you already have.  The new ones have some amazing new features on them.

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We want to wish everyone a Peaceful and Joyful Holiday Season!



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