Substitutions to Cut Calories

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Now that the New Year is here, 40 % of the population has started diets.  Instead of dieting, try cooking healthy. Did you understand the word “cooking”?  That means cutting back on take-out and eating out.

If you cook for yourself your meals will be a lot healthier because you can control the fats, sodium, and chemicals that are added to many take-out and frozen dinners.    The best way to start off cooking healthy is by making a few substitutions.

Below is a simple substitution chart that can be used in recipes.


Substitute with:
ButterPureed fruit such as avocado, applesauce, prunes.  Equal parts olive oil and peanut butter
1 egg1 Tablespoon chia or flaxseed plus 3 tablespoons water (mix and let set for 10 min.)
FlourBlack Beans (pureed) in a recipe with Chocolate
Bread CrumbsCrushed nuts, seeds, or rolled oats
1 cup Cream Cheese½ cup cream cheese & ½ cup Greek yogurt


applesauce 2On the left are ingredients that we need to cut back on.  On the right are the ingredients that can be used for substitutions.  Not only will the recipes have fewer calories, but the swap out ingredients will provide better nutrition without compromising taste.   When swapping out ingredients, do an even swap (ex. 1 cup butter=1 cup applesauce).

Print this out and put on the refrigerator so it will always be there to remind you.

If you have any other swap out ingredients you use, please share them with us in the comment box below.  Give us a Like if this has helped you in any way.  Make sure to SHARE this with anyone that has a New Year’s Resolution to lose a few pounds.

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