GE Slow Cooker – Three Cookers in One

ge slow cookercheck priceThe GE Slow Cooker with its 3 separate crock pots is a favorite cooker for anyone who has purchased this amazing appliance. You’ll want to use it as a buffet server as well as a slow cooker.  There are three separate crock pots each with a 2.5 quart capacity but it is one unit.  They each have their own individual heat setting.

The unit looks elegant on any buffet table. It comes in a stainless and black color combination that fits into any décor.  The lids are glass trimmed in black.  Most other servers of this type have plastic lids which scratch easily and are certainly not dishwasher proof.  Another ingenious feature is that each lid has an attached holder making them easy to remove and replace as needed.  This is such a convenient addition for keeping a neat and beautiful buffet setting.

Each individual cooking pot can completely cook whatever you want or it can be used to just keep food warm.  You can cook something in a larger pot and place it in the stoneware crock and keep it warm – like mashed potatoes. If you’re making a sauce or gravy, you can make it directly in one of the crockeries and then reset it to keep it warm for serving.

ge slow cooker 2The reviews on this three unit slow cooker are quite positive.  People love it for meal preparation not just buffets.  One owner said it made perfect overnight oatmeal.  If you have read any reviews of slow cookers you will find there are a lot of people that buy the smaller slow cookers just to make oatmeal overnight and are usually very disappointed in the results.  So you might want to try this one out if you have had the same experience.

Another owner even figured out how to make yogurt in one of the units and found the results to be better than the special yogurt maker she had previously used.  You can use just one, two, or all three of the cooking pots as they all have individual settings.

One consistent comment on the product is the very reasonable price.  You definitely get your money’s worth.  One purchaser said they thought the product was worth three times what they paid for it.

The only problem one person seemed to have is they didn’t think the unit heated up fast enough.  I guess this would be a problem if you were using it for buffet serving and doing everything at the last minute.  But that could probably happen with anything. So just start things a little earlier. Don’t wait till the last minute and everything should work out fine.

So if you are considering buying a smaller crock pot, this may be one you want to take a look at and compare.  It can double for as a small crock pot for cooking and as a handy food warmer. If you like to cook up several meals on the weekend to have ready during the week, this can handle that project all at one time.


GE Slow Cooker

GE Slow Cooker
Date Published: 06/25/2012
Actually has 3 cookers in one. Each has it's own controls for heating settings. Features glass lids. Great for keeping different food warm on the buffet table. Perfect for holiday parties and get togethers any time of the year. Built with typical GE high quality.
4.7 / 5 stars

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