Seasoning Cast Iron Pans

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Did you know if your cast iron skillet is seasoned correctly, it is non-stick? It is the original non-stick pan. Get rid of all your Teflon coated pans and get one of these wonderful non-stick pans and don’t worry about the Teflon coating getting into your food.

It is also great for cooking because the heat is spread evenly. Some people pay an enormous amount of money for pans that make the heat spread evenly in the pan. The advantage of those pans will be that they are dishwasher safe. But just a few seconds of the proper cleaning of the cast iron will produce the same result.

The cast iron is preferred by a lot of restaurants because they are known to brown meats the way no other pan can. Oh my gosh, the taste you get from browning meats in this pan is unmatched.

The main reason people shy away from cast iron is that they don’t know how to season it properly and they don’t know how to care for them.    A picture is worth a thousand words (or a video is worth a thousand words).  I have found a great video that will demonstrate both how to season a cast iron pan if it is new or an older one that has rusted.  This video will also show how to properly quickly clean the cast iron.  Remember if it is seasoned correctly, it is non-stick, so the clean up is easy.

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