Save Money by using a Crock Pot

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saving money using the Crock PotNot only is a Crock Pot a healthy, nutritious, and convenient way to cook but it is also a big money saver.  It is much cheaper to cook in a Crock Pot than cooking on top of the stove or in the oven for extended periods of time.  It also doesn’t heat up the house which adds to your utility bill.

You can also save on the cuts of meat you buy.  With long slow cooking, tougher cuts of meat will virtually “fall off the bone”.  So you can opt to buy the cheaper cut of meat which is usually a little tougher and get juicy tender results.  You can save money also by buying meat that has the bone in it.  Meat that is boneless is always more expensive.  When cooking this meat in the slow cooker the meat will easily pull away from the bone.  But the best part of cooking meat with the bone in it is the flavor that is added from the marrow inside the bone—making super delicious meat!

When cooking in the Crock Pot, usually there is enough for leftovers for another meal.  This saves money because when you get home late and are starving you don’t need to run out and get carryout or go out to eat.  A home cooked meal is always a healthier alternative because you control the fat, salt and sugar.

Cooking in large quantities saves money.  If you have a large Crock Pot you can buy in bulk and save money and cook enough meals to feed you family more than once.

Also, one of the most nutritious items you can cook is beans.  They are extremely good for you by adding fiber to your diet and are a good source of protein.  While the canned beans are ok in a pinch, dried beans are healthier and a heck of a lot cheaper.  In the canned beans you are dealing with added salt, sugar, and unhealthy fats.  You can control this when cooking dried beans in a Crock Pot and they are significantly cheaper.

Once you try a few of these suggestions you will not only be saving a ton of money, but you will be cooking a lot healthier.  If you have any other money saving tips you would like to share we would love to hear about them in the comment box.  Make sure you SHARE this with anyone who is interested in saving money.


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