Quick Mashed Potatoes

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Most of the videos on making mashed potatoes in the pressure cooker have you take the time to cut the potatoes up into pieces.  This video just puts the whole potato in the pressure cooker and come out with mouthwatering results.  If you have been afraid to use a pressure cooker this step by step demo shows you how easy and safe it is.  They used white skin potatoes so there is no need to peel the potatoes first.

For years I always peeled my potatoes before making mashed potatoes the old fashion way.  I found out that a lot of the nutrient is in the skin of the potatoes.  I personally like to use thin skinned red potatoes.  Just make sure the potatoes are well washed and cut out any blemishes.  I wouldn’t recommend potatoes with really thick, tough skins.  I am sure it would work, but I don’t know if the texture would be satisfying.  Another good potato would be the golden Yukon, which has a white skin and a creamy buttery flavor.

Let us know if you have made mashed potatoes in your pressure cooker and what the results were.  Please SHARE this will all Moms you know as mashed potatoes is one vegetable that kids usually like.

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