Preventing Kitchen Fires

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Kitchen fires are very tricky. They can sneak up on you in seconds. You probably think you know what to do and how to handle the situation. You may be surprised at how little you know or you may have the wrong information as many of us do.

I just found the best video on preventing fires in the kitchen. I learned from it myself and hope you can pick up a helpful tip or two. I think it is important that you send this to everyone you love. If you have someone going off to college and they are going to have an apartment, it is imperative that they see this video. It may help to save someone’s life one day. It also may help save yourself or someone else from having to replace a part of your home, which is only secondary to saving someone’s life. The video is only 3 and a half minutes and the advertisement is only seconds, so this may be the best 3 minutes you spend all day, all week, or all year.

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