Presto 8-Quart Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker

presto 8-quart stainless steel pressure cookercheck pricesGrandma knows the secret to good fast cooking – the pressure cooker.  Who always had something to eat that was simply delicious?  The cook today is rediscovering what Grandma knew best.  This 8 quart pressure cooker not only makes delicious meals for large crowds but it can also serve as a large soup pot.

Meats are moist and tender and vegetables are cooked faster than in the microwave but still retain their moisture.  Some also use it as a canner.  The USDA recommends to safely “can” food without fear of food poisoning you need to use a pressure canner.


As with any pressure cooker, you must read the instruction booklet.  Even if you have previously owned a pressure cooker, always read the instructions.  Any complaints can usually be traced back to the buyer not reading and following the instructions.  They are not complicated and they are easy to follow, but they are very important.  The instruction book clearly explains all the safety features.

Presto's locking lidThis Presto has a quick pressure/steam release system.  The heavy duty lid locks down during cooking.  There is an over pressure plug that automatically releases steam when the buildup is excessive.  There is a simple steam release mechanism in addition to a pop up pressure indicator. Everything is backed up by an inner sealing ring to keep the steam in.

You will notice the handles are different on this pressure cooker than on the smaller ones.  They supply more balance when picking up a large or heavier pot.  If you use it to also to do canning, the pot will be heavier and these handles will help you handle the weight.

The sealing ring needs to be removed after each use so the inner rim can be thoroughly cleaned.  There are other cleaning instructions in the booklet to help you keep this cooker clean and operating without any problems.  They are simple and easy instructions, but make sure you read and follow them.

Presto steaming basketDid you know there are different levels of stainless steel?  This Presto Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker is made of professional quality stainless steel. This pressure cooker contains a stainless steel steaming basket that is used for several different purposes as described in the instruction book.

Owner Reviews

We have summarized the most common observations from actual owners of this model. We have included both the positive and negative comments we’ve seen.


  • whole chicken in pressure cookerIt has an easy to use flip pressure regulator.  This enables a quick release of pressure.
  • A majority of users really liked the handles.  With it being a larger than normal pressure cooker, it makes it much easier to handle than the ones with one long handle and a shorter handle.
  • When cooking beans or lentils, they sometimes tend to produce foam.  You can cook large quantities of these items and there is room in the pressure pot to handle the foam.
  • Many buyers liked the larger size because they could cook a whole roast or a whole chicken.
  • Several mentioned they really like the stainless steel because it doesn’t interact with acid in some foods as aluminum does.  And it makes it so much easier to clean.
  • When it comes to cleaning the pressure cooker including the lid, gauges, and seals, many commented that is easy to clean if you just follow the directions included in the instructions.
  • When using a pressure cooker at high altitudes, sometimes adjustments need to be made.  An owner that lives at a 6500ft. altitude said they were able to make the adjustments from information on the Presto website.


There were a few buyers that didn’t think it was large enough for canning.  It sounds as though they had done previous canning and preferred the larger pressure canners.  It just depends on how much canning you do at one time.  Some other customers thought it did a great canning job.

An older customer that had dexterity problems and arthritis found it difficult to use.  It sounded as though they probably needed a much smaller stainless steel pressure cooker for their individual needs.

Helpful Tip from a Customer:

“A note about buying from Amazon vs. discount stores: I did a lot of comparison shopping before I bought a pressure cooker. I went to several stores, played with the cookers in person and settled on this model as being most appropriate for my needs. The big surprise was that Amazon’s price was a few dollars lower than the discounters I visited. Add to that free shipping, no sales tax and the postal service bringing it right to my doorstep, and I just can’t beat it!”



Presto 8qt. Pressure Cooker
Date Published: 07/23/2012
The 8qt. size makes this a great pressure cooker for extra large meals but its heavier than the average size pressure cooker. While made of stainless steel, the stainless steel it is not as heavy as you find on higher quality pressure cookers.
3.7 / 5 stars

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  • Chicken, fish, meat, and vegetables cook to perfection in minutes.
  • Stainless steel construction with a special tri-clad base for fast, uniform heating.
  • Pressure regulator maintains proper cooking pressure automatically.
  • Pressure regulator/steam release valve offers an effortless “quick cool” option.
  • Cover lock indicator shows at a glance when there is pressure inside the cooker and prevents the cover from beig opened until pressure is safely reduced.