Pressure Cooker Reviews

stove top pressure cookerbrands and modelsThere are some that believe the single most important piece of cookware you’ll ever own is a pressure cooker.  There is a twofold reason for this.  First, this is a fast way of cooking for delicious one pot meals or single items.  Second, this is an extremely healthy way of cooking.  The nutrients are sealed in. They’re not lost in the steam that escapes with extended cooking on the stove top.

No doubt the older you are the more likely you are to have heard a horror story of pressure cookers exploding and spewing food all over the kitchen. Or even the top of the pressure cooking hurtling a piece of equipment like a bullet across the kitchen.  The new modern pressure cookers now have many safety controls on them and those problems are no longer an issue.  Pressure cooking also became popular with the outbreak of several food poisoning incidences in the 1920’s.  The major cause of this was improper canning methods.  The United States Department of Agriculture announced that the only way to safely process low acid foods was through pressure canning.  Today, modern stove top pressure cookers also do pressure canning.

Other advantages to pressure cooking are that vegetables keep their flavor and color.  Also electric pressure cooks are great for the summer months because they produce less heat.  They are also great energy savers which help with lower electricity bills.  Check out the pressure cooker reviews for a large variety of the best pressure cookers on the market.  Some of the top brands are Presto, Fagor, Nesco, Cuisinart, and the All-American Pressure Cooker/Canner.

A pressure cooker is a simple metal pot with a lid with three special components.  The important parts of the lid are a rubber sealing gasket, a pressure regulator, and a pressure relief-valve. When the lid is properly locked it creates an air and steam seal.  As the temperature rises the steam created is trapped and pressure is formed. ­­­­

One type of pressure cooker is the stove top pressure cooker that is used on the stove like any other piece of cookware.  The stove top pressure cookers are very different from our Grandmother’s pressure cooker.  Some have different options, but they all have the safety components in place to make this type of cooking safe, delicious, and nutritious. Another version is one that is both a pressure cooker and a canner – all in one.  This is a great way to can your food without worrying about spoilage.

electric pressure cookerThere is also an electric pressure cooker.  This is used on top of the counter where an electric outlet is available.  This is the Cadillac of pressure cookers in some peoples view.    Most have digital controls and you can set it and leave the house to run a quick errand.  For safety, you usually cannot open them until the steam has safely dissipated.

Another big misconception about pressure cooking is that the food comes out tasting like mush. That’s no longer the case.  With all the technological advances, less water is used so food flavor is enhanced and the texture of the food is of highest quality. Pressure cooker meals are both delicious and healthy.

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