Pressure Cooker Soup Recipes

We would all love to have the time to put soup on in the morning and have it cook all day long while laboring over it. Today’s modern family just doesn’t have the time for that any more. But we all still want to sit down to a delicious bowl of homemade soup. It is so much more nutritious than what comes out of the can. You know exactly what’s in it including the fat and salt content.

soup in pcWith the advent of the pressure cooker you can make a quick bowl of soup almost as fast as opening a can and the results are far superior in every way.

Many recipes just add all the ingredients in the pot and then put the pressure on. I find sometimes a few more minutes can make a big difference in the flavor if you sauté the onions first. If there is bacon in the soup—that is also better if it is cooked first.

Another point to consider is the difference between a stovetop pressure cooker and an electric pressure cooker. They both are advantageous in different ways. If time is of the essence, a stovetop can be quicker because you can bring the pressure down faster by placing it under running water in the kitchen sink. This is a type of pressure cooking that you need to read about before trying.

With soup, more than any other meal, if you have already done the prep work you can have a meal on the table in less than 30 minutes and it will taste as though it has been cooking all day.

Check out these pressure cooker soup recipes:

Manhattan Clam ChowderManhattan Clam Chowder Try this quick and easy soup recipe. This is not the white creamy clam chowder, but the red clam chowder made with tomatoes as the base
potato and leek soup in pcPotato and Leek Soup This is a family favorite.  Many people grow leeks in their summer garden just to make this soup.
Italian SoupItalian Soup This will quickly become one of your favorite soups, not only because it can quickly be made in the pressure cooker, but also because it is delicious.
Lentil SoupLentil Soup There are so many different recipes for lentil soup, but this is a very tasty one that you will  definitely want to try.