Pressure Cooker Pork Recipes

You might be surprised to learn that the most favored item for cooking in the pressure cooker is pork.  Most pork is on the firm side and cooking in a pressure cooker helps to tenderize it to where it is unbelievably tender and delicious.  However, this theory doesn’t apply to all pork roast recipes as a pork loin is the tenderest portion of the pork.  But it does apply to the pork chop recipes as the chops can turn out tough unless you use a tenderizer on them.

pork ribs Many people don’t want to use the chemically enhanced pork chops now on the market because they think it imposes a health risk. So cooking them in the pressure cooker will insure tender pork chops.

If you are a busy cook, pressure cooking may just be what you are looking for.  It is a fast easy way to get delicious and nutritious meals on the table.  Most pork recipes can be cooked in the pressure cooker.

There are a lot of time charts for cooking meat in the pressure cooker in books and online.  But the first place you want to start is with the manual that came with your pressure cooker.  Or if there was a cookbook that came with your pressure cooker, be sure to look inside it first.  The second most important thing to consider is the psi of your pressure cooker.  Most of the time charts are calibrated to a psi of 15.  If your psi is different, adjustments will need to be made.  These adjustments are usually described in your manual.  If not you can find that info online.  Just look for the 20 per cent rule in pressure cooking.

Check out these pressure cooker pork recipes:

pork chop cassrole in pcPork Chop Casserole If you are like me and have a problem with drying out pork chops, this is a recipe you need to try.  It is delicious and succulent.
pork roast with potatoes and carrots in pcPressure Cooker Pork Roast This is a quick and unbelievably delicious recipe that will please everyone in your family.
pork ribsPressure Cooker BBQ Pork Ribs These mouth watering BBQ ribs will please everyone in your family.
Pressure Cooker BBQ Pulled PorkPressure Cooker BBQ Puller Pork This tasty BBQ pulled pork in a pressure is a must have recipe.
pork chops and beansBarbecued Pork Chops and Beans This is a recipe that all your kids and men in your family will love.