Pressure Cooker Chicken and Turkey Recipes

Almost any chicken recipe can be cooked in the pressure cooker. It keeps the chicken moist, delicious and tender. The result of cooking chicken in a pressure cooker is that the juices in the chicken provide a wonderful sauce.

chicken in pcThe pressure cooker is wonderful for cooking anything from whole chickens to chicken and turkey pieces. Skinless chicken or skin-on chicken, either work great. Leave the bones in or use boneless and you will be happy with the results.

Almost any chicken and turkey recipe (except fried chicken) can be cooked in the pressure cooker. It is easy to change the recipe to be cooked under pressure. Experiment with a couple of chicken recipes that are designed for the pressure cooker first, and then you will be able to easily figure out how to cook your favorite chicken or turkey recipe in the pressure cooker.

Many chefs prefer to make a chicken broth in the pressure cooker. It turns out clear and flavorful.

As with all pressure cooker recipes, read the instructions and manual carefully. Remember, most pressure cooker recipes (unless otherwise stated) are written for 15 psi. So if your pressure cooker has a different psi, you will need to either add or subtract 1 minutes for each 5 minutes called for in the recipe.

Check out these pressure cooker chicken and Turkey recipes:

chicken-piccata-2Chicken Piccata This is an Italian recipe with a lemon flavor to the chicken. It is simply delicious.
chicken stew in pcChicken Stew This stew recipe is good enough to serve to any guests.  It is both elegant and delicious.
whole chicken in pcWhole Chicken Recipe This will probably replace the conventional method you use for cooking a whole chicken.  It is quick, healthy, and delicious.
baked turkey pot ipieTurkey Pot Pie Recipe This is probably one of the best recipes for using left over turkey – especially around the holidays. It is quick, healthy, and delicious.
cooked tetrazzini 2Turkey Tetrazzini Here is another delicious recipe for left over turkey. Using a pressure cooker makes this a lot faster and easier.