One Pot Meals on a Budget

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moneyEveryone I know has to watch every penny they spend in these difficult times.  You still can provide yourself and your family with healthy and delicious meals with just a little planning. Is it the end of the month and your grocery allowance is lower than you anticipated?  Here are some ideas on how to cook delicious and healthy one pot meals on a budget.

Start off by buying seasonal vegetables and fruits.  They are at their most delicious.  If you buy locally, such as at the farmer’s market, you will get a better price because you do not have to pay transportation cost.

It takes only a few minutes to glance through the paper or go on line for coupons.  I tend to look only for coupons of items I already use.  Most grocery stores have coupons on line.  If you are allowed to get more than one of the item, buy two or three.  Look for things on sale and buy more than one of those items.  I find our favorite juice goes on sale once a month, so I buy 4 containers of it.  I not only save a bunch of money, but I also don’t have to remember to get it every week.

farm standAlways use left overs.  I have heard that the average household throws away 40 % of the food it buys.  So if you spend $200 a week on groceries, you are wasting $80 a week or $320 a month.  Think about it. This is ridiculous.  Either refurbish the leftovers into a new meal or freeze them to be reused later.  Try brown­ bagging it instead of eating out every day at work.  Or if this is something you look forward to—at least try to cut down and take your lunch 2 or 3 days a week.

Stir fry meals are a great way to use up left over or very ripe vegetables.  Then throw in some leftover meat.  Once you try cooking in a wok a few times and start using Asian spices you will develop a new palette that will look forward to this new way of cooking.

If you have any other ideas for saving money, please share them with us by leaving a message in the comment box below.   Also, forward this on to someone you think this might help.

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