Nesco 6-Quart Electric Programmable Pressure Cooker

nesco 6 quart pressure cooker 2check pricesThe Nesco electric pressure cooker is a versatile multi-cooker.  This beautiful stainless steel pressure cooker can also be used as a slow cooker.  This programmable pressure cooker also browns, steams, and keeps food warm until dinner is served.  This 6 quart pressure cooker makes excellent roast, ribs, and chicken.  Rice dishes, soups, stews and steams vegetables will also be cooked to perfection.

The Led display with soft keys makes this pressure cooker much easier to use than some others.  There are several preset programs that allow even the beginner to cook like a pro.  Pressure cooking with Nesco will cut cooking time by up to 70 %.  Nesco’s electric programmable cooker automatically switches to warm when the cooking cycle is completed.  It comes with a self-locking lid with an automatic pressure release valve.  For easy clean up, there is a removable nonstick insert.  Also included is a cooking rack or trivet.   The brushed stainless exterior incorporates stay cool handles and lid to prevent burns.

Many customers prefer this Nesco pressure cooker because the digital control panel is very simple and easy to use.  You can program the cooking time for each individual recipe.  A lot of cooks favor this feature over of the preset cooking times because you have more control over the cooking process.

Another important option to consider in electric pressure cookers is the psi.  Many pressure cooker recipes are written for stove top pressure cookers.  These recipes need to reach a psi of 15 to be fully cooked.  Some electric pressure cookers only reach a psi of 9-11 which produce undercooked meats.  The Nesco electric pressure cooker reaches a psi of 15.  Any stove top pressure cooker recipe can be used without making any adjustments to ensure that the meat will not be undercooked.

pressure cooker 3You don’t have to babysit this programmable cooker.  It regulates heat and pressure just like you want.  Set it and go about your business and then eat a perfectly prepared amazing one pot meal.  The browning element in the pressure cooker can sear the meat right in the pan before you add all of the other ingredients.

Some owners have reported having a problem with a fuse malfunctioning.  But the customer had no problem getting a replacement and has reported no further performance problems. This does not seem to be a recurring problem with this model.

There were hardly any complaints about the results from this cooker, whether it was used as a pressure cooker or a slow cooker.  One owner had a terrific idea to stop at the farmer’s market on the way home from work and have a delicious and nutritious meal in almost minutes.  One common problem with pressure cooking is adding the right amount of liquids.  After you prepare a few dishes you will know the right amount of liquid to add to get the results you want.

Some owners complained that the recipes included with the Nesco pressure cooker weren’t specific enough.  Well that’s easy to remedy. Check out the pressure cooker recipes here or other websites.  Look at a couple of similar recipes and then make adjustments to suit your specific tastes.  Check back often on this website as new recipes are always being added.


I would give this pressure cooker high marks. It is so easy to use and has all the safety features you could possibly want.

Nesco 6 qt. Electric Pressure Cooker
Date Published: 07/03/2012
This is an overall good pressure cooker. It has a high psi of 15 - unusual for an electric pressure cooker. It has no pre-set cooking programs but some might consider this a plus giving them more control to adjust cooking times.
3.9 / 5 stars

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  • 6-quart Pressure Cooker with automatically locking lid
  • LED display and soft touch buttons
  • Programmable with presets
  • Delayed start up to 8 hours
  • Cool-touch lid and handles.