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pig When I first started this website many years ago I had a few ideas about what might be the most popular recipes.  I have to admit I am a little surprised that the most requested recipes are for the pressure cooker and using pork.  So I have decided to concentrate the next few months on adding more pork recipes for the pressure cooker.  I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised because pork cooked in the pressure cooker turns out moist and succulent.

As we all know pork is the “other white meat”  for it is a healthy alternative for adding protein in your diet.  This week I am adding Pork Chops and Beans made in the pressure cooker.  This recipe is loved by both men and children.  It is a great hearty dinner especially on a cold night.  

beansThis recipe is really good with a side dish of a green vegetable or a salad for a complete all around meal.  The Pork Chop and Beans recipe is really easy to change to just cooking 2 pork chops.  I wouldn’t cook more than 4 pork chops at one time though.  Time can be adjusted up or down if you use thin pork chops or pork chops that are thicker than one inch.

I think bone-in pork chops have a little more flavor, but you can easily use boneless pork chops in this amazing and delicious recipe. This recipe is also tasty if you substitute pork steaks as they work just as well.

porkNote about pork:  Some of the pork on the market is “enhanced” to make it tender.  What this means is that chemicals or other solutions have been added.  These may or maynot be something you want to be feeding to your family.  I am not giving advice or making recommendations, but I am suggesting you talk to your butcher so you can make an informed decision.

Some also like this recipe served over rice.  If you try this, make sure the rice is seasoned with your favorite spices.  I also think rice taste so much better if it is cooked in chicken broth.  Cook the rice separately.  Do not add the rice in the pressure cooker.  But if you use a type of rice that needs to be cooked for a long period of time, it could be cooked in the pressure cooker ahead of time.

riceThis is one of those recipes that you can make many different variations of to suit the palette of your family.  After all the final objective is to make something everyone loves!

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