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Are you feeling more sluggish than usual?  I know the feeling especially since I am getting older.  I have found a Metabolic plan that I would like to share with you.  It is a three-fold plan that includes exercise, meditation and eating right.  This program will help you have more energy, lose weight, and help you manage everyday stress better.

What is comforting about this plan is that you develop it yourself and then it will better fit your lifestyle and needs.

To start off, let’s discuss the exercise portion of the plan.  In order to have more energy you need to increase your muscle mass.  Probably, the easiest way is to just start “pumping iron”.  Find 10 different weight lifting exercises that your body can handle.  Do 2 sets of 10 rounds three days a week.Rowing a canoe  After your body has worked up to this level, add more exercises.  On alternate days do about 20 minutes of your favorite yoga routine.  Try to concentrate on poses that build muscle by supporting body weight.  You can also go to the gym and have a personal trainer develop a program for you on the machines if you find working out at home hard to do.

Bike ridingThe second part of the program is to try and meditate 15 minutes every morning.  There are many different types of meditation.  If you have never meditated before, do some research and keeping trying out different types until you find the one that best helps you center yourself.

The third tier of the program is an eating program that includes fat burning foods and cuts down on sugar.  I have found the Metabolic Cookbook that concentrates on both of these .  It is really 9 cookbooks and 4 extra books that go along with the program.  This is am amazing set of books for a very low price.

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Raking leavesYou owe it to yourself and others you come in contact with to feel good and be able to do the things you enjoy.  This is a very simple program that works.  I also recommend that to make it simple, get a calendar and write down each day the exercises you will be doing and the best time to meditate.  Also, plan your meals and snacks on the calendar.  Simply give yourself a little check when you complete each item.  Make sure to leave one day empty.

Three important tips:

Drink at least 6 glasses of water each day to boost your metabolism.

Cook with olive oil to boost your metabolism.

Chili peppers help to increase metabolism.



I would love to hear from you in the comment section below  on how it is working for you and if you have any advise to pass along.walking




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