Metabolic Cooking – Healthy Weight Loss, More Energy

Different people think of different things when they hear the phrase “Metabolic Cooking”.  When I think of metabolic cooking I think of eating the right foods to increase your energy level.  Others think of a diet plan to help you lose weight.  Still others think of taking certain foods out of your eating plan because they cause sluggishness.  And there are those that think it will help reduce the stress level in your life.

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Here is how to build a Metabolic Program for more Energy, Weight Reduction, and a Low Anxiety Life Style.   You will definitely be interested in this if you have low energy and a hectic life style.  It is a combination of eating the right foods (found in the Metabolic Cookbook.)  Also, doing the right types of exercises to help you have more energy has as a by=product  a reduction in weight.  In order to finish the program of building metabolism, weight bearing exercises and meditation needs to be added to your program.

To me, metabolic cooking is just a healthy life style to make you feel good, have energy, and be at your ideal weight.  I have been studying and researching metabolic cooking for about 5 years and have found this “metabolic cookbook” to cover everything you need for the “eating portion” of raising your metabolism.  I was so excited about finding it I had to share it with you. I have spent years reading recipes and articles and was delighted to find it all in one place.


I became interested in metabolic cooking when a boss I had several years ago, that was 15 years older than me,  just worked circles around me and everybody else.  I asked her how she had so much energy, was always in a good mood, and was the perfect weight for her size.  I found out she majored in biology with an emphasis on metabolism at a top university.  Although she was no longer in that field, she applied what she learned to her lifestyle.  She started me on my quest to “have what she had”  by telling me every morning she had a smoothie with yogurt, berries, oatmeal, and fish oil (lemon flavored).  The oatmeal was the old fashioned oatmeal and when it was pulverized in a blender it was the protein part of the smoothie.

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The Metabolic Cook Book  is a collection of 9 cookbooks, plus 4 additional books,  to help you with the cooking part of building your metabolism.  The recipes are easy to use and kid-friendly.  They also concentrate on the foods that have been proven to fight fat.  It is not just  a low calorie cook book. Sugar can be very detrimental to your health.  Many low calorie cookbooks still add a lot of sugar which slows down the fat burning process.

mc-packageCheck Out the Complete Program Here

The Complete Metabolic Cooking Package helps you develop your own program.  For maximum results don’t forget to incorporate weight losing exercises and meditation.