Maxi-matic EPC-808 Elite Platinum 8-Quart Pressure Cooker

M_M 1check priceWell you can tell from the name (Maxi) that this isn’t your average size electric pressure cooker.  The 8 quart capacity is great for larger families or extra guests.  It’s also perfect to take to pot luck dinners or for cooking extra food for leftovers.

What else is so amazing about this electric programmable pressure cooker is that there are 14 (that’s right-fourteen!) preset functions.  They is reheat, brown rice, white rice, wild rice and grains, vegetables and fish, potatoes, pork and ribs, chicken, beans, soup, beef, stew, browning/keep warm.

The unique process allows you to trap steam.  Hence, the food cooks evenly, the nutrients are sealed in and flavor is retained.  This stylish product looks so elegant that it can be placed directly on a buffet table.

M_M 5If you have a hot kitchen in the summer, this can be placed on a back porch or deck without heating your kitchen up, although it produces less heat than the oven or a stove top.

As with any pressure cooker, there is a learning curve.  Even if you have past experiences with other pressure cookers you will find that some recipes need to be adjusted.  But once you become accustomed to working with a pressure cooker (either electric or stove top) you will find you will use it much more than you ever thought you would.

Owner reviews:


An overwhelming majority of owners love the idea of it being larger than the average pressure cooker (6 quarts).  They liked the idea of being able to cook large portions and having enough left over for another meal.

Owners appreciated the the digital display buttons.  they are easy to read and understand.

M_M 3I find it interesting that there are a lot of people that only cook once a week.  With this electric pressure cooker, you can cook a weeks’ worth of meals in one day.  What a terrific idea – you not only save money by eating out less often, but your meals are healthier and more nutritious.

You can throw the food in frozen (including meats).  You need to make adjustments in the cooking time, but this is so much better than defrosting in the microwave.


M_M 4Cons:

The PSI on this pressure cooker is 12.  Most electric pressure cookers have a lower psi than stove top pressure cookers (15).  If you are used to using a stove top pressure cooker and want to switch over to an electrical and programmable one, you need to increase the time on your recipes.


I would recommend this electric programmable pressure cooker especially to larger families.  As previously mentioned,  it can also be the perfect pressure cooker for an average size family if you like left overs – one meal for now and one for later.

With our fast paced lifestyle, pressure cooking is the answer many of us have been looking for.  Meals can be made faster than waiting for someting to be ordered and delivered and definitely a lot more nutritious.  So you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to try this quick and easy way to cook flavorful and delicious meals.

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