Make Baby Food that is Healthy and Cheaper than Commercial

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baby food 1When I had little ones I tried to make baby food by cooking it and then putting it in the blender.  It was so time consuming, but I wanted to give the little ones a healthy option.  Many parents want a healthier option than commercial baby food.  Also, when they start the process of making the baby food they are astonished at how much cheaper it is.  The cost of commercially made baby food and milk has risen 55% in the last 5 years.  So with these difficult times this may be an option you are interested in.  Not only is home cooked baby food cheaper and healthier some also perceive it as safer.

If you use a pressure cooker, baby food can be made so fast you won’t believe it.  Cooking under pressure also helps to retain the nutrients in the food.  The cooker can cook the food soft enough so you can just use a handheld blender and then portion the food to be frozen into individual packets.  You can make enough food for a week and then just freeze it.

baby food 2The number of families using commercial baby food peaked in 2009 with 76%. Now about 65% buy baby food.  Some of the reason is connected to the economy, but there is a proportionately larger number of people making their own food because they think it is healthier.

With many new mothers returning to the work force, this is not always an option.  There are a lot of good, wholesome products to buy and you shouldn’t feel guilty if you decide not to go this route.  The point is, if you are inclined to make the food from scratch, whether it is all of the meals or just portions try using the pressure cooker method. This way of cooking the food is much faster and easier than how we did it 30 years ago.

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