Lodge Color Dutch Oven – Island Spice Red 6-Quart

Lodge Color Dutch Oven – Island Spice Red 6-Quart
check pricesThis is one of the best selling Dutch ovens on the market.  There are several reasons for it being so popular.  One reason is the price.  If you are watching your pennies, you can’t beat the price.  Another reason is it can be found in practically in every type of store from the big box chains to your local hardware store.

This Lodge Dutch Oven comes in red, burgundy, pumpkin, blue, and green.  It also comes in 3 quarts, 6 quarts and 7.5 quarts sizes.  So you can see why it is so popular.  It will fit into any kitchen because you pick the color and the size.

Different Colors of Lodge It is dishwasher safe, but because it has a non-stick surface it is recommended to be washed by hand for longer trouble free use.  You can start your meal on the stovetop and then move it into the oven to finish cooking.  The oven should not be over 400 degrees.

It is constructed with 2 layers of porcelain on the exterior and a layer on the interior.  The lid on this product (6 quart) also fits the Lodge Color 11 inch skillet.

Because of the enamel coating on the inside you can even marinate meat in it.  It also allows you to braise, sauté, simmer, and bake with it.  The hygienic porcelain enamel will not react with the food you put in it.

This oven has superior heat distribution and retention.  The lid is tight fitting to help retain the heat and moisture.

What Owners Say:


Meal in a LodgeWhen you compare this with the other budget Dutch ovens on the market, most agree that it will far outlast the others.  If you just cook with it once or twice a week and take very good care of it according to the instructions, you will definitely get your moneys’ worth from it.

It is advertised as being made in the USA, but the enamel coating is made in China.  But you can put your mind at ease because it has been tested for lead and was found to have none.

The overwhelming majority of owners choose it because of the price.  Some even sat they have owned the more expensive ones on the market, and saw no difference.


Food in LodgeThere were several that complained about chipping on the exterior.  Keep in mind that this product has 2 coats of enamel porcelain covering the cast iron, while the most expensive ones have 4 coats.

Some of the problems were probably caused by not reading the booklet enclosed.  With anything you purchase, if an instruction book comes with it -READ IT.  Whether it’s an electric appliance or just a pan you use, there is a reason for providing instructions.

The bottom line on this item is – for the price, this is one of the best products out there.  It will not perform like one that is 4 times the price, but you definitely will get your moneys’ worth.

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  • Dishwasher-safe, but washing by hand recommended; lifetime warranty.
  • Lid fits 11-inch Lodge color skillet; oven-safe to 500-degree F
  • 2 Coats of durable porcelain enamel in colorful exterior, cream-colored interior
  • Heavy cast iron pot cooks on stovetop or in oven; superbly retains heat
  • Lodge color series enameled cast-iron dutch oven; holds 6-quart