Leftover Turkey Pot Pie

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Turkey pot pie

Snowed in?

Leftover turkey in the freezer?

Want a healthier version of a pot pie?

 Want a quick way to make a pot pie?

This is for You!

Well, I am snowed in and I have a lot of frozen leftover turkey in the freezer.  I usually freeze the leftover turkey, bones and all.  The marrow in the bones will make a broth that will put any recipe over the top!  And did you know that the marrow in turkey and chicken bones have scientifically been proven to help cure the common cold?  So both Mom and Grandma knew what they were doing when they served you chicken soup when you were sick.

There are two main secrets in this recipe.

pressure cooker

The first is that instead of cooking the carcass for 6 hours on top of the stove,  I cooked it in the pressure cooker to get all the meat off the bones and make turkey broth.

fillo dough

The second is I used Fillo dough to make the crust.  This is not only quick and easy, but healthier than the regular pie crust.  And it adds a yummy flavor that you don’t get with a regular pie crust.

I made two pies.  We ate one right away and I put the other one in the freezer.  It will be so nice to pull it out on a hard day when I am tired and don’t want to cook. (Yes, those of us that love to cook have those days too.)

Try Out My Turkey Pot Pie Recipe

And  if you don’t have any leftover turkey meat and carcass in the freezer, just start off with a whole chicken.  I always keep a whole frozen chicken in the freezer in the winter. You never know when oyu’re going to get snowed in and there are so many different meals you can make with a whole chicken.

Just cook the whole chicken in the pressure cooker.  Let it cool and use the meat and broth for a chicken pot pie.  Then follow the directions for making a turkey pot pie–just substitute chicken for the turkey. 

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