It’s Canning Time!

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Canning Veggies


If you have your own garden, this is the time of the year when everything is in abundance. Be clever and can the surplus so you can have that fresh garden taste all year.  Not only is canned food healthier but if you are concerned about the lining in cans, it is safer.  I love this time of the year because of all the wonderful farm stands. I don’t have a garden but I live close to 3 different markets.  I love to talk to the people working behind the counter.  Yesterday, one of the women had several canning books she was looking at.  She told me she loves to can as a hobbie.  She also told me she was saving for the Ball pressure canner.  She knows some people that own them, and love them.  So I came home and did some research on the Ball Canner–and they do look like they would be wonderful to own.  

Ball Pressure Canner

Ball Pressure CAnner

There are still a lot of people that use a hot water bath for canning, like Grandma use to.  But this can end up being dangerous and causing botulism.  So it is suggested to use a pressure cooker canner when canning. For the latest information on safely canning, please  read this article by the CDC:

My favorite jar for canning are the mason jars.  But to be on the safe side, the lids should be used only once.  Lids are sold separately.  Used jars can be used as long as there isn’t any cracks or chips in the glass.  Carefully inspect them for these flaws.

Hint for a secure seal:  Place the lids and rings in a small sauce pan and bring to a slow simmer.  ThisIllustration helps to soften the rubber rings so the seal is tight.

To keep maximum flavor and texture, there are different procedures for each different fruit or vegetable.  It is a simple process,  but there are little hints that you should follow so you are happy with the outcome.  To help you get started with the most liked veggies and fruits, here is a simple guide:

You will find that each pressure cooker canner is a little different.  It is very important to read and understand the manual of instructions that come with your pressure cooker canner.  Don’t use just a canning cookbook.  While these can be great for different ideas, the actual pressure procedure method should be followed with the manual that accompanies the canner you are using.

Always make sure that there is a space left at the top of the jar after filling.  The recipe should specify how much to leave.  If it doesn’t, leave about ¼ inch for fruit and ½ inch for veggies.

Make sure you wipe the jars with a damp cloth after filling to clean off any food that may have gotten on the outside of the jar.

Read the instruction for you pressure cooker canner to determine how much water to add in the pot before adding the jars. It is also important to maintain the recommended pressure for the time in the recipe instructions.  Loss of pressure can cause a safety problem for the food.

canning prongsMake sure you wipe the jars with a damp cloth after filling to clean off any food that may have gotten on the outside of the jar.

Make sure when you lift the jar out of the pressure canner to use a canning prong.  These help you keep all your hard work from slipping and breaking–YIKES!


Food cooked in a pressure cooker canner is usually good for one year.

Finished product


The following is a very helpful video concerning the safety aspects of pressure canning.  If you are new to pressure canning, it is a must to watch.  Even if you have been pressure canning for a while, you will probably learn something new.  It is worth the time to watch.




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