Is Sugar the Culprit–Part 2

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This is going to be one of my shorter blogs because what I have to say is very important and I don’t want the message lost.

soda sugar

Most people’s largest amount of sugar intake comes from drinks.  The highest culprit are sodas.  There are 39 grams of sugar in a 12 ounce serving of coke and 41 grams of sugar in a 12 ounce serving of pepsi. 40 grams of sugar is equal to a little over 21/2 Tablespoons.

When you hear weight loss stories, many of them will tell you they had their best luck when they gave up sugared drinks.  There is also a lot of sugar in lemonade and smoothies.  I always encourage people to make their smoothies at home because you can control the sugar and the ingredients are fresher.  Here are some delicious recipes for smoothies.

Don’t be fooled into believing diet soda is better for you.  Some believe that the side effects of diet soda can be worse for you than the extra weight you put on when drinking regular soda.  If you are interested in more info on the side effects of all the extra chemicals in diet soda read:

infused water

You may have a problem giving up sodas because sugar is addictive.  Besides smoothies, another  alternative is water.  But if this is boring for you, try infused water that can be made at home.  Fill a container with different fruits.  Pour the water over the berries and let set for a couple of hours.  It is best to keep in the refrigerator.  The water will have a delightful refreshing taste.

I hope you are enjoying making your sweets from scratch.  I know they taste better than that prepackaged stuff in the store.  If you missed Part I of Is Sugar the Culprit?, you can read it here:

Make sure you come back in a couple of weeks for Part 3.  It will probably have information in it that will surprise you.

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