Is Sugar the Culprit? Part 1

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If you go to a nutritionist or a dietitian to deal with a specific problem or just to get healthier, probably the first thing they will discuss with you is to start eliminating sugar from your diet.

Sugar can be the cause of so many different problems.  No doubt,  many of you have heard and read of all the negative aspects of too much sugar.   

sugar--bowlI have mentioned in several of my health blogs the possible bad side effects of too much sugar besides just putting on extra weight.  In the past year,  a lot of new information has surfaced.  Maybe you have read an article or see some of the programs about how sugar adversely affects your health and well-being.  

I am going to present the latest facts concerning sugar so you can make an informed decision of just how much you want to inject into your meal plan.  It has been well publicized that many over the counter baked good contain more than just one form of sugar. Many believe that the massive obesity problem in the US is from all the hidden sugars in many products. They also can be the cause for the high diabetes rate.  Some of the many different names for sugar (besides sugar) are high fructose corn syrup, fructose, sucrose and about 72 other hidden names (that’s right!–72).  Spend a few minutes on the following article that will help you through the maize of hidden sugar labels:

To eliminate a large portion of sugar from your diet is not an overnight accomplishment.  Sugar can be as addictive as heroin.  So start slowly to clean up your diet to boost your immunity, lose weight and feel better than you have in years.  

If you just tell yourself I am going to quit eating anything with sugar in it–you will crash and burn!  You need to have a plan to slowly help your body get rid of all that extra sugar.  Some plans will start you off by totally eliminating all sugar and then slow introduce some back into your diet.  This is usually too severe of a process and you will end up just giving up in the long run.  If you have tried such a program and were successful- congratulations, but many others can’t handle such a drastic overnight change and need another alternative.
sugar--cookiesThe first logical step would be too start by giving up all processed sweets bought outside the home.  Start by cooking all of your cookies and sweet treats yourself.  This is not only fun and therapeutic but it will give you more control over what exactly goes into your body and eliminate all the extra preservatives that are unhealthy for you. Just take two to three  weeks and start  baking your cookies and cakes and start reading labels.  You will be amazed at how much sugar there is in other foods that you would have never thought contained sugar.

 I have heard many times, the first thing to lose weight and be healthy is to start cooking your own food.  For many that is a monumental task.  But with planning and cooking ahead it can be accomplished.  Start by making a weekly menu of your meals.  That is half the battle!  This will take so much stress out of your life.  When you go to the grocery store you will know exactly what you need and will resist the temptation of getting those “extra little treats.”  Every program that is successful has one cheat day a week, so be easy on yourself and allow that into your meal plan.

sugar--bagThere is so much more I want to tell you, but at this point I don’t want to overwhelm and discourage you with an impossible plan to follow.  So watch for Part 2 of Is Sugar the Culprit?  in 2 to 3 weeks.  In the meantime,  start reading labels and baking your own sweets.

Making your own desserts can be really easy and delicious by making them in a slow cooker.  Get the kids involved especially if they haven’t started to help you cook.  The following recipes are a great way to get started:




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