How to use a Pressure Cooker/Canner

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pressure cooker-cannerWith all the fresh produce starting to come into season, this is the time of the year when most canning is done.  It is best to use a pressure cooker/canner to help prevent any food borne illnesses.

Storing “canned” food in your pantry or basement is a way to help free up freezer space, even if you have an extra freezer.  You can cook a tremendous amount of food to be used over a long period of time by using a pressure canner.

It may be intimidating at first to read on how to do this.  But I have found a great video that is a good introductory on how to use the pressure cooker/canner.  She shows the basics with very clear instructions on how to use the canner.  If you watch this video you should be able to figure out how to stock up on a lot of great meals by just reading the manual.  She shows how to “can” seven meals of beef stew in one process.  I think you will enjoy this video.  It is only 8 ½ minutes and is very informative and is a well-organized presentation.  It makes it seem as though this is something easy and fun to do.

Let us know if you have anything else to add to pressure/canning in the Comment box below.  Also, SHARE this with anyone you know that goes to the locale farm stands so they can stock up and have healthy and delicious meals when the weather turns cold.


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