How to Add More Flavor to BBQ Steak and Seafood

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Here is a wonderful video on adding spectacular flavor while grilling.  It is a short video, but gives two great hints on adding flavor to steak and seafood.  The instructions are simple and easy to do but will add a lot of flavor to your meals.

When talking about steaks he emphasizes adding flavor to the smoke to permeate the meat.  It is easy and simple to do.  He also tells how to add a simple paste to the steak to enhance the flavor infused by the smoke.

If you have ever wanted the correct way to use planks on the grill, his instructions are easy to use and simple.  Planks are the perfect way to cook seafood so it doesn’t fall apart and fall into the grill.

Take time to watch this short 2 minute video and get more flavorful steaks and seafood.  You will be happy you did.

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