How One Pot Meals will get you through the Flu Season

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The flu season is just around the corner and chances are, even with the flu shot, you or someone in your family will be sick.  Many times this cannot be avoided even with all the precautions you take.   One way to be prepared is to have several one pot meals already in the freezer. One of the hardest things about getting sick, especially if you are the cook in the family, is to keep serving healthy meals to your family.  Or if you are single, you need to have healthy meals on hand so you are not stuck eating carry out.  You will get well faster with good nutritious meals instead of meals that are laden with large amounts of salt, fat, and sugar.

flu6There are several methods of stocking your kitchen with no fuss nutritious meals for when flu season hits or any other time of the year.  The first way is to cook meals that are the double amount of what you need and then place the leftovers in a freezable container.  I found that if you use a gallon size plastic resealable bag and freeze the meal in a flat position, it can be partially thawed and cooked in less than 30 minutes.  The bag can be put under cold running water for about 5 minutes and then opened and broken into pieces and then reheated in a large pan on the stove or in the microwave or in a very hot oven.  This works really well for meals cooked in the slow cooker, pressure cooker, or in a large soup pan on the stove top.

Another way to prepare a quick-cook meal, such as a casserole, that is healthy and fast is preparing the individual ingredients ahead of time.  Precook the meat, pasta, sauces, and vegetables ahead of time.  Put each ingredient in small individual plastic bags and then put all of them together in a large plastic bag and freeze them.  Assembly is then quick and easy.

Another great tip is to have on hand disposable cooking containers.  When you are sick the last thing you want to do is wash pot and pans or dishes.  When the tinfoil disposable containers are on sale, buy a supply of them to keep on hand. These can’t be put into the microwave, but they are great for the oven.   This is also a good idea to use when the paper plates are one sale.

Also, think of what you like to eat when you are sick.  Usually highly spiced foods are not desirable, especially if a stomach problem is involved.  Foods that have a heavy cream sauce sometimes aren’t receptive to an upset stomach.  So if you are cooking to put up some foods for when you aren’t feeling well, consider chicken, ground meat, pork, pasta, and rice for a starting point.

flu 5And, of course, everyone’s favorite—chicken soup.  I always make a big pot of chicken soup, sometimes with noodles and sometimes with rice on the first cold day of fall and always keep some frozen in the freezer throughout the winter.  It is best to make it by cooking fresh chicken with the bones and then deboning the chicken and using the broth in the soup.    Did you know that is has scientifically been proven that the marrow inside the bone has medicinal purposes for helping to cure the common cold? CLICK HERE for all the secrets to making a delicious and healthy chicken soup.




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