Holiday Desserts in the Slow Cooker

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slow cooker dessertsThat’s right—in the slow cooker.  You won’t believe how utterly delicious these desserts are, especially during the holidays when the weather is cold outside.  I am not saying we all don’t need the holiday cookies, but these desserts are special treats that will easily become a tradition.

They are convenient if you are cooking something in the oven and it isn’t available.  Also, they are usually best served warm.  So if you need to run some errands, just prepare everything and set and forget it until it is ready.  On those busy, busy days (every day during the holidays!), the perfect solution is crockpot cooking.  If you have 2 slow cookers, start dinner in one and the dessert in the other.  Go about your busy day and when you come home—not only is dinner piping hot and smelling good, but also dessert.  Your day will be much better just knowing that everything will be waiting for you when you arrive home. Some of the recipes are best cooked in a smaller cooker and others in a 6 quart slow cooker.  Click here to see a full line of slow cookers that are available if you need a different size or just want to update your present slow cooker. 

slow cooker desserts 2Apple Pie is the top favorite pie of Americans.  The apple pie recipe for the slow cooker will be loved by all.  It is more like an apple cobbler.  There are many variations to suit your taste.  It can be served with ice cream, whipping cream, cheese, or even drizzled chocolate.  There probably won’t be any left over, but if there is, it is delicious cold.  What could be better than walking in and smelling  apple pie cooking?

Banana bread can be made in the slow cooker.  It can be cooked in a bread pan or the dough mixture can be poured directly into a greased slow cooker and have a round shape.  The round banana bread can be drizzled with a powdered sugar frosting and decorated with a holiday theme using red candies.  Check out some more different ideas in making banana bread in the slow cooker in the banana bread recipe on this website.

Berry Cobbler made is the slow cooker is another top favorite of everyone.  You can use one type of your favorite berry, or whatever is in season, or you can use a mixture of berries.  Frozen berries from the freezer department also work extremely well.  This is known as the ooey, gooey dessert by the kids.  It is delicious hot or cold.  It is yummy with or without ice cream or a whipped topping.  If there are any leftover, it will quickly disappear out of the refrigerator.  When you go to look for it, it will probably be gone because everyone will want to sneak a piece of it.

slow cooker desserts 3Peanut Butter Chocolate Pudding Cake is to die for!  Who doesn’t like chocolate and peanut butter?  Put it in a warm cake mixture and you cannot get enough of this stuff.  This recipe will quickly become a family favorite and be asked for over and over again.

Pumpkin Pie Pudding is liked more than pumpkin pie by some.  The reason is because it is warm and yummy.  When it is served warm with a topping that can melt and be part of the dessert it  can be so satisfying.

Click here to get any of the above recipes.  In fact, try them all.  It will be hard to pick a favorite.

If you have a favorite slow cooker dessert you would like to share, we would love to hear from you in the comment box below.  Give us a Like or Pin your favorite dessert.


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