Healthy One Pot Meals in Minutes

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Healthy One Pot Meals in Minutes

This is not a new concept, but it is a reminder of an old favorite.  This seems to be particularly helpful for those that are cooking for one, two, or three people.  It is actually a spin on wok cooking.  You can use a wok or a large saute pan or skillet.

The secret is to plan this on Sunday and you will have a meal every night of the week with hardly any effort at all. Take a sheet of paper and divide it into three columns.  The heading for the three columns are: Proteins, Vegetables, and Grains.

Under each heading make a list of your favorite items.  An easy way to do this is just google the heading and you will come up with a list of food items that relate to that food protein foodssection. Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

Proteins—don’t forget nuts, beans, and cheeses are included with the regular meats and fishes.  Also, don’t forget you can keep canned fish and beans on hand for whenever you can’t do your normal grocery shopping.  I always like to keep these on hand in case of bad weather.


veggiesVegetables—we are fortunate now because more grocery stores are making  up platters of fresh vegetables that are to be served as appetizers.  One of these platters work well for this purpose.  Or you can buy frozen vegetables and just open the bag and use the amount you need for the meal, and then save the rest for another meal.  Of course, this is a great way to use up any fresh vegetables that are about to go bad.


grains 2Grains—this may be an area you want to experiment with. If it is something that takes a long time to cook, it is advised to precook it before adding it  into the skillet.   Since it will be cooked  the cooking time is reduced.  For example, rice can be precooked and frozen in small packets.  When it is thrown into the cooking pot all it needs to do is thaw.  Other grains to consider are quinoa, barley, millet, spelt, oat, and corn.  Another alternative to grains would be whole wheat pasta.  If the pasta is precooked, it can also be thrown into the pot.

This great concept is loved by all because you choose exactly what you like.

Cooking instructions:

Start off by sauteing in olive oil some onion and garlic (optional) in a skillet until soft.  Next add any uncooked meat or fish.  After the meat is seared add vegetables and cook for another 5 minutes.  Next add some liquid, such as chicken, vegetable, or beef broth.  You can also add tomato juice or gravy.  Then add the grains and any other proteins or vegetables that weren’t previous added.  Season with salt and pepper and any other of your favorite herbs.   Bring to a boil and then reduce heat and simmer for 5 to 10 minutes.  Add a great piece of bread to round out the meal.

You will want to make sure you add at least one item from each food group, but you can certainly add more than one.  If you make it a vegetarian meal, make sure you keep in mind the suggestions for food combining to make sure you get all the nutrients you need.

Give us a LIKE if you tried this and like the results you achieved.  Tell us about any combinations that were especially delicious in the comment box below, we would love to hear about them!


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