Hamilton Beach Set ‘n Forget 6-Quart Programmable Slow Cooker

hamilton beach set and forget slow cookercheck pricesThis slow cooker is Hamilton Beach’s top seller. As you read on you will easily understand why.  Basically, you get a lot of high end functions for a very reasonable price.

There are three different ways to control the cooking process with this slow cooker.  Using digital options on the front panel, you can choose to use the programmable, manual, or probe option.   The programmable method is especially useful if you are going to be away from home and the recipe gives instructions to switch from a high to low setting after a specific amount of time.

The programmable cooker automatically switches to the warming mode when the meal has completed cooking. The manual method is the traditional way to cook with a slow cooker.  If you have been cooking with a cooker for a long time, you might prefer this method.

If the recipe says for the meat to reach an internal temperature before reducing to a lower setting, the probe method will work best for you.  This will help you make sure you won’t have any over cooked or undercooked meat.

Set N Forget PanelThe digital controls are easy to read on the front of the stainless unit.  The lid seals tightly with a secure clip gasket.  The stoneware insert and the tempered glass lid are both dishwasher safe.  The full grip handles make it easy to transport.  The stainless housing makes it attractive sitting on the counter or on a buffet table.  There is also a clip on spoon which comes in handy if you want to place the unit on a buffet table. The spoon won’t get accidentally put into another serving dish.

Owner Reviews:


With over 800 reviews, 550 gave the Set ‘n Forget cooker the highest possible rating.  A big hit seems to be the internal probe, of which you get more than one.  The meat or poultry turns out just right, not overdone and dry or under cooked.  There is no guessing how long it takes to get the meat to a certain temperature before reducing the heat in the slow cooker.

Set N Forget HandleAnother feature it has that isn’t commonly found on all slow cookers is the tight seal gasket lid.  After cooking, it is easy to transport to a pot luck dinner without spillage.  A lot of people like the size of this crock pot.  With the oval shape it is large enough to put in a whole chicken.



There were a few complaints about coming home and finding the food not being cooked. A very small number of these units seem to have had a problem with random cut off times.  Keep your warranty in case this happens to get a replacement.  It could have been a defective unit, which needed to be replaced.

There is a possibility that the instructions weren’t correctly followed.    As with pressure cookers, the instructions are extremely important and need to be read and followed for best results.  We are all in a hurry and like to do things quickly and reading instructions can be time consuming, but in the long run, the effort usually pays off.


Hamilton Beach Set and Forget Slow Cooker

Hamilton Beach Set and Forget Slow Cooker
Date Published: 10/25/2012
Three Cooking Modes - manual, programmed and probe. This is the only slow cooker with the probe. Features click-tight gasket lid making it easy to transport without spillage. Comes with an easy clip-on spoon. This one is an exceptionally good value for the price.
4.2 / 5 stars

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  • Three choices for easy, automatic cooking: program mode, probe mode, and manual mode
  • Probe mode is perfect for cooking large cuts of meat or for recipes that require food to reach a certain temperature
  • The thermometer probe reads the actual temperature of food as it cooks; the temperature is displayed on the slow cooker control panel
  • Travel-friendly design secures contents en route to parties, potlucks, family gatherings and tailgating
  • The lid securely seals in place with sturdy wire clips on each handle.
  • Convenient serving spoon clips onto lid for easy access
  • 6 quart removable stoneware crock fits a 6 lb. chicken or a 4 lb. roast