Hamilton Beach 8 Quart Oval Slow Cooker

hamilton beach 8 quart oval slow cookercheck priceHamilton Beach is one of the best known names when people think of a slow cooker.  This is a favorite of the electric cookers because of the size.  If you have a large family or often cook for a lot of people, this is one you will definitely want to own.

Also, if you like to cook large pots of soups and stews and be able to stock up and freeze extra food to be used at a later time, this will be the size you want to have.

Hamilton Beach 8 QuartIt is large enough to handle a 7 pound roast or chicken.   The lid is designed to be drip free.  This means that all the moisture drips back into the cooker.  This is important, because I can tell you from personal experience; I once had a slow cooker that I would have to place towels around to catch the moisture that would drip off of the lid onto the counter top.

The insert is stoneware and dishwasher safe.  Notice also that handles are considered full-grip.  They are nice and sturdy for handling this large pot.  There is a gripper to hold the lid when you need to get inside the pot.  This is particularly helpful if you use this while the unit is on warm and you are serving a large crowd.  The lid can be put onto the lid holder instead of on the table.  The gripper is also used to wrap the electric cord around when not in use.

Owners Reviews:


The majority of reviews gave this the highest possible rating.  An overwhelming majority liked it because of the price for an 8 quart cooker.  For the money it can’t be beat.

HB Cord StorageIt has a keep warm setting which a lot of people liked if they were cooking for a large crowd and people were coming and going all the time.  Several liked it because it was a simple manual cooker and didn’t have complex electrical components that could cause problems down the road.  There is a convenient storage for the cord on the side.  The cord is tucked away so it won’t hang loose while being stored.

One customer with a large family cooked a 10 pound pork shoulder and said it came out delicious. They were really happy with it.  Another owner cooked 22 pounds of potatoes with a glaze for a large group.  This is a basic, simple 8 quart cooker that is great for the price.  Most people are happy with what they got for the money.


The main complaint was that there wasn’t an indicator light to tell you the setting the cooker was on.  You need to look at the controls to see what it is set on to know what the setting is.  Another complaint is that some people measured to see if it was 8 quarts and it seems to be a few ounces off.  But another customer said that most 8 quart cookers are really only about 7 quarts. They thought this was probably the largest 8 quart on the market.


Hamilton Beach 8 qt. oval slow cooker

Hamilton Beach 8 qt. Oval Slow Cooker
Date Published: 10/25/2012
Perfect size for cooking ribs, a 6 lb. roast or an 8 lb. chicken. Make large meals for freezing. Can be heavy when fully loaded but has two sturdy full grip handles for lifting. When cooking, the bottom can get hot so place on a cutting board or towel.
4.6 / 5 stars

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  • Stainless-steel 6-quart programmable slow cooker with LED digital control panel
  • Program mode cooks for a specified amount of time; low/high heat settings in Manual mode
  • Probe mode with thermometer to ensure certain temperature; automatic keep-warm
  • Oval-shaped removable stoneware pot; power-interrupt protection; side handles for safe transport
  • Product Built to North American Electrical Standards