Food Poisoning Prevention when BBQ’ing

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bbq partyFor those of you who have never experienced this ailment—be very grateful.  For the rest of us, we remember exactly when it happened and perhaps have an idea of what caused it.  When we talk about food poisoning we are specifically talking about the E.coli, Salmonella, and Listeria bacterial infections.  These are caused by improper handling of food.  The Noro Virus is a virus spread from person to person and is very hard to stop or prevent and is not included in this discussion, but is very close in demonstrating the same symptoms.

There are some very easy, basic, and simple things you can do when cooking to prevent the bacterial infections. You probably are aware of a lot of the things discussed here, but just review the article and you may pick up on one idea you haven’t heard of.

Let’s start with grocery store shopping.  Keep all fresh meat and poultry separated in your cart.  Make sure they are also placed in a separate bag.  If you use recyclable bags, make sure that the meat and poultry are place in disposable plastic bags before placing inside your reusable bags.  If you don’t go directly home after shopping at the grocery store, place all your fresh meat and poultry in a cooler inside your car that has ice in it.

Make sure all meats are thoroughly thawed before placing on the grill.  The meat will not heat evenly and the center may remain uncooked.

Marinating and adding BBQ sauce can cause many problems.  First, marinate all meats inside the refrigerator before grilling.  Do not use marinate to baste the meat while cooking as it has raw juice inside of it.  You will want to use different bowls of BBQ sauce with fresh brushes until the outside of the meat is cooked.  Otherwise you will be putting fresh meat juice back into the BBQ sauce and embedding it inside the brush.  If you precook the meat before putting it on the grill this is not a problem.

Make sure you get a fresh plate to put the cooked meat on—do not place the cooked meat on the plate that you carried the raw meat out to the grill on.

bbq party 2Make sure you use a thermometer to check the internal temperature of the meat being cooked.  Beef, pork, lab, and veal should be cooked to 145 degrees.  Any form of ground meat should be cooked to 160 degrees.  Poultry and hot dogs should be cooked to 165 degrees.

Of course, we need to follow all the other rules we know that  apply to keeping the food safe. Rules such as keeping the cold foods cold and the hot foods hot.  It is always best to serve the meat right after it comes off the grill.  If that isn’t possible, either keep it on the side of the rack with heat still on or while the coals are hot.  Another option is to keep it in the oven kept at 200 degrees.

I hoped you will follow these tips and have a safe and happy time while grilling all those delicious meals on the grill.  If you have any other safety tips, we would love to hear them in the comment box.  Also, SHARE this article with your family and whoever you like to party with outdoor.

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