Fabio Cooks Pasta and Bean Soup

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pasta and bean soupIf you love Italian food and Italian men—this is a “ can’t miss” video for you.  Fabio cooks Pasta E Fagioli.  He cooks a delicious one pot meal and by the end of the video you will be starving and can almost smell it.  What I really like is that all through the video he gives small tips that I have never heard of before that I will now incorporate into my everyday cooking.

The video starts off with a lesson on different types of beans.  He covers what each bean is and how to use them in different dishes.  But the most amazing thing he does with the beans is that he adds them dry into the cast iron dutch oven.  He says you can add can beans if you want—but that is like letting the “dog sitter raise your child.”  Yes, you read that right.  I always liked Fabio when he was on Top Chef, but I didn’t realize how hilarious he is.  He actually could be a standup comic—and it shows in this video.

He also demonstrates how to add garlic to soup.  Make sure you see his method when watching this video.  I actually have never seen anyone use this method of adding garlic.

Fabio is a great chef, but he makes it all so entertaining and fun.  With fall fast approaching I plan on making this soup in the next week as soon as I purchase all the ingredients.  You can make this soup to suit your taste by adding shredded cheese on top before serving.  Or another way to make this soup is to add some sausage or ground meat.  Let me know if you Liked this video.  Also, if you made any changes in the soup recipe, let us know what you added in the comment box below.

Click here to see the video of Fabio making Pasta and Bean Soup

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