Easy Chinese Recipes

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Easy Chinese Recipes

Asian cooking is overtaking the restaurant industry in every major city in the US.  The reason for this is because it is delicious, healthy, and easy to cook once you know how.  The cookbook Easy Chinese Recipes: Family Favorites From Dim Sum to Kung Pao by Bee Yinn Low includes family favorites she learned from her mother.  She grew up in a Chinese household in Malaysia where culture and cuisine were interwoven.

She spent time in the kitchen with her mom learning the traditional ways of Chinese cooking.  But when she moved to Southern California and became a “modern” woman she needed to learn how to continue the tradition of the tasty food she grew up with. But she also needed to learn how to cook quicker and use the ingredients she could find in the local grocery stores.

The result was a cookbook with great tasting meals, but a lot less work!  She shares her expertise in Chinese cooking to help you produce at home the meals you will find in your favorite Chinese restaurant.

The first section of the book teaches you the basics of Chinese cooking.  This covers how to make homemade chicken stock, cucumber salad, sweet and sour sauce, Chinese barbeque sauce and other Chinese basics.  A very interesting portion of this book is when she explains the different techniques she uses in Chinese cooking.   The other chapters include recipes for appetizers, soups and dumplings.  She then moves on to different types of meat (beef, pork and poultry) and seafood recipes.  There are also sections on veggies, desserts, and drinks.

As you can see, everything Chinese is covered in this terrific cookbook.  There is also a separate section on rice and noodle dishes.  I recommend this book for wok cooking.  There are many recipes in the book that can be used for cooking with a wok.  The recipes that use a skillet will turn out healthier if you use a wok.  In a wok, the food doesn’t “sit” in the oil.  You are constantly  stir frying and moving the food.  The oil drains to the bottom of the wok.

Others have given this cookbook great reviews as well. Out of 129 reviews of this book, 111 gave it the highest possible score.  That is an amazing recommendation.  You can see for yourself right here.

I’m really recommending her cookbook because it has:

  • Well laid out recipes with ingredient list and directions that are easy to read and follow
  • Pictures of every recipe
  • Pictures of some of the trickier techniques
  • A good basic explanation of techniques and ingredients in the front of the book
  • Delicious easy recipes

Some of the recipes do include frying.  But if you use a wok, with the food not sitting in the oil, the little bit of oil that actually stays on the food is not unhealthy.  I also need to say, there are a lot of recipes that don’t include frying.

So, if you are new to Chinese cooking, this book will get you started and may end up being the only one you will ever need.



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