Deni 9770 Electric Pressure Cooker, 2 Quart

deni-2 qt.check priceThis is the cutest little pressure cooker I have ever seen.  It is only 15 x 12 inches.  It is the perfect wedding gift because it is ideal for cooking for 2 and will fit nicely into small apartments with not a lot of kitchen space.

Actually it can be large enough for a family of 4 for just quick cooking meats, vegetables or rice.   The Deni 2 quart stainless steel pressure cooker combines heat, steam, and pressure to produce a nutrient rich meal that is flavorful and delicious.

It has preset pressure settings for chicken, beef, rice, vegetables and soups.  Another added bonus is that the handles and lid are “cool touch”.  The safety lid locks in place before the pressure builds and stays locked until pressure is released. There is a steam release value that allows you to release pressure quickly and safely.

It has a removable non-stick cooking pot that is easy to clean.  You could put it in a dishwasher, but it’s just as easy to give it a quick soapy wash in the sink.

What I particularly like about this size is that it is perfect for a quick lunch.  In the winter I love soups at lunch.  This will be perfect for throwing in some fresh vegetables and a can of tomatoes or chicken broth and a savory soup is ready in minutes!

deni 2

deni 5Pros::

The smaller pressure cooker is well liked – perfect for two.

The option to set your own timing schedule for up to 99 minutes is very popular.  That works well when cooking beans.

It beeps to confirm it is on when first plugged in. It beeps three times to signal it is finished. It autos to keep warm when food is done, unless you cancel it.

With every review of a pressure cooker, I have always stressed the importance of thoroughly reading the instructions for positive results.  These electric pressure cookers look so easy to use (and they are) but the instructions in the manual are very important and need to be read. Most complaints are a result of not following directions.


Some might think it is too small.  When it says it can be used for a family a four that means to cook a meat or vegetable portion for a family of four.  I wouldn’t suggest that you could cook a pot of stew or soup for a family of four.

Locking the lids might be a problem for a person with arthritis or other problems with dexterity.

It has a psi of 9.  This means that it will cook slower than a larger size pressure cooker, but  it still cooks much faster than stove top cooking or oven cooking.

deni 4Recommendations:  I would highly recommend this if you are single or a couple.  For a family or three or more I would recommend a larger pressure cooker.   This is assuming that you only are going to have one pressure cooker in your kitchen.  However, if you have the room for more than one this small addition will help you cook beans, rice, and desserts quickly.

I would not recommend this for children to cook with.  Any pressure cooker needs to be handled by an adult.  Talk to your children and show them the importance of safe handling, so when they are older they won’t be afraid to use one.

This is perfect for desserts.  It makes fast, moist, and delicious desserts.  Something you will definitely want to try out!


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