Cuisinart 6 1/2 Quart Programmable Slow Cooker

Cuisinart PSC programmable slow cookeramazon-prices-discountsThis is another of Cuisinart’s top selling slow cookers.  The reason is because it has all the functions that people look for in a cooker.  It is the size that chefs look for when they want to make a meal large enough for a big group.  It is 6 ½ quarts and is able to cook a whole chicken.  If you have never cooked a whole chicken in a programmable cooker before you are really missing out on an easy way to cook a delicious meal.


The Stainless Steel housing on this unit is a favorite for most as it gives a sophisticated look while sitting on the counter top.  The modern cook loves the programmable ability of this cooker because it is so easy to operate.  It contains a round shaped ceramic pot which is dishwasher safe.  There is also a compartment to store the cord and a cooking rack that is useful for making custard for desert.

Panel on Cuisinart 6 1/2 quartThere are three cooking modes—high, low and simmer.  Also included is a keep warm function that automatically comes on after the cooking process is finished.  The brushed stainless steel and the glass lid (also dishwasher safe) give this programmable slow cooker a very elegant appearance.  The handles are also cool to the touch which makes it easy to move while still hot. Included in the package is a recipe and instruction book and it comes with a 3 year limited warranty.

There is another Cuisinart slow cooker that is just like this one, but it comes in a smaller size.  It is a 4 quart stainless steel programmable slow cooker made by Cuisinart.  There are some that prefer smaller sized cookers for everyday cooking for a family of four or smaller.  A whole chicken will not fit in the smaller cooker, but it is great for cooking meals where you don’t particularly want a lot of leftovers or you have a smaller family to cook for.


Those that have recently bought this slow cooker are happy with it.  Someone that bought it 3 months ago commented that they have used it twice a week and just love it and haven’t had any problems.  The reviews also include the smaller 4 quart slow cooker.  Many liked that it was a small cooker that was programmable and perfect for their family of four.

Lid on Cuisinart 6 1/2 quartThe appearance fits well in their kitchen.  A lot of the reviews are by men. They seem to like cooking with the slow cooker instead of on the stove.  This slow cooker has a glass lid so you can see what is going on without opening and peeking in.  Every time you open the lid cooking tip needs to be added because the temperature decreases.

I have mentioned before, but will say it again—read the instruction book.   A programmable slow cooker is different than cooking with a manual slow cooker and it is important you follow directions.

Also, a lot of cooks like the recipe book included, but also recommended other books.  Many commented that if you have never used a slow cooker before, the more you use this cooker and become familiar with it, the better your meals will be.

There is also a cooking rack included.  This can make a big different is cooking vegetables.  Read both the instruction book and the recipe book to get some really good cooking tips.


Most  of the negative reviews centered on problems with the heating temperatures being too high. Also the lid rattled and condensation ran down the side.  These were early reviews when the product was first introduced. Cuisinart addressed these problems  and they are now fixed.


Cuisinart 61/2 qt. Programmable Slow Cooker

Cuisinart 61/2 qt. Programmable Slow Cooker
Date Published: 11/26/2012
Perfect size for cooking large meals like a whole chicken. Includes a convenient cooking rack for removing the food. There are 4 heat settings including one for simmer but does not have as many features as found on other slow cookers such as automatically switching to a warm setting.
4.1 / 2 stars

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  • Programmable slow cooker with removable round-shaped ceramic cooking pot
  • Simmer, low, and high modes; 24-hour programmable cook time; auto keep-warm; cord storage
  • Brushed stainless-steel housing; glass lid with stainless-steel rim; cool-touch chrome-plated handles
  • Includes cooking rack, recipe book, and instruction book; dishwasher-safe lid and ceramic pot