Cooking Tips for Camping

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campfire cookingOne pot meals are great for camping.  They can be cooked in a Dutch oven or a cast iron skillet.  They usually turn out better than what you cook at home because of the “yummy” factor.

When cooking on a camping trip the one thing you don’t want to spend a lot of time doing is cleaning up.  There are liners that you can put in the Dutch oven to make clean up a speedy process.  Also plan your meals ahead of time and have everything for each meal cut up separately in plastic bags.

When making a detailed list of your meals and a shopping list, try to incorporate leftovers in the next day’s meal plan.  This saves time and makes cooking a lot easier.

Make sure you have aluminum foil and plastic bags.  They are indispensable for cooking and storing.

Make sure you have several containers of both sanitary wipes and hand sanitizers available and handy.  Use them often while cooking and before and after each meal and visit to the restroom.  They are also a handy “quick to grab” item for minor cuts on the hiking trails.

Did you know there are bear resistant containers?  Make sure you store all food in these containers or in the trunk of your car.  Make sure the food is stored in containers that conceal scents.  Also, immediately change any clothing that you or your children spill food on or you may have an unwanted visitor trying to check the scent out.

Make sure all cooking utensils are metal as the plastic ones will tend to melt around the hot coals or flames.

There is special cookware for camping.  Check out your locale camping store and ask for suggestions.  Those that camp a lot are particle to the Dutch ovens that have legs so they can be places over coals and also lids that are deep so you can put the coals on top of them.

They most important thing is to try foods you like at home and try out things you would never think of cooking on a grill or fire pit.  You can make adjustments and figure out a way to cook almost anything on your next camping trip.

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