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cooking in a wokA very healthy way of preparing one pot meals is cooking with a wok.  It is healthy because most of the oil stays in the bottom of the pan or returns to the bottom of the pan.  It is also especially delicious because all the vegetables are at peak flavor, crisp and retain their color.  Wok cooking also is nutritious because the vegetables are quickly cooked which helps retain all their minerals and vitamins.

This is a great way to cook for a family or a single person.  If everything is already prepared, it only takes minutes to cook.  Your children can help you with the preparation of cutting up the vegetables and meat and then the cooking time is 10 to 15 minutes.  If you haven’t tried this type of cooking, you will be pleasantly surprised with the ease and flavor.  The wok is commonly used for stir fry cooking  but can also be used for deep frying, boiling, searing, steaming, stewing, smoking, braising, and smoking.  This makes it a great gift to give to anyone.

The vegetables and meats don’t absorb large amounts of oil.  The wok is shaped with a small round bottom with the sides slanting out to a larger round top. The oil you are using is constantly collecting at the bottom.  The food doesn’t sit in oil, but it is constantly being rotated.  Very little oil is needed. The sides are slanted so you can push the food up and out of the oil, but it continues cooking.  The shape of the wok causes the food to cook from the bottom up.

Woks are usually used to make Chinese dinners.  There are several different sizes of woks.   You want to make sure that the wok fits on your stove.  Also you want to consider how many people you are cooking for.  There are different depths of woks which will affect how big the meal will be.  A true Chinese cook  wok is usually made out of carbon steel.  They are one of the less expensive types.  They need to be preseasoned  and washed in a special way.  It is treated similar to a cast iron skillet. Cleanup is easy as long as it is preseasoned correctly.     They also come in stainless steel, copper, aluminum, and non-stick. Choose the wok for cooking in the finish you most desire.

You will have the choice of choosing between a flat bottom and a round bottom wok.  It is generally suggested that a round bottom wok be used on a gas stove.  Although there are some people that use a round bottom wok on an electric range and like it better because they think round bottom woks give you the best flavor.

Another thing to consider is how high the sides of the wok are.    You want them to be high enough so you can flip the food without it falling out.  Check back with us to get an update on added wok cooking recipes.  Another aspect of the wok that you will want to consider are the handles.  Some have one long handle with another short handle while others have two smaller handles on the side.    Also some woks come with lids and some don’t.

This is a fun way to cook for you, your family, or company.  It is a real treat to have fresh, homemade Chinese food.  It is tastier and healthier than take out.  Leave a comment and tell us what you think or SHARE this with your friends.

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