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black forest cake

Why in the world would you ever want to cook a cake in a pressure cooker?  There are several reasons. The main reason is that cakes baked in a pressure cooker usually turn out more soft and moist than those cooked in the oven. Another reason is that the cooking time is much shorter.  And  you don’t need to heat up your oven.

This is really handy if you don’t want to heat up your kitchen in the summer time. If you do a lot of camping or have an RV you can do this on a stove top if you don’t have an oven available.  Depending on the size of cake you want to make, you may find that an eight quart pressure cooker will work better.  This is the 8 quart that I would recommend. It is also electric, which works just as well as a stove top.

cake in pressure cookerThere are many different types of cakes that can be cooked in the pressure cooker.  One of the most popular is a sponge cake. Another popular one is a chocolate cake. There are many different recipes with that have eggs in them or eggless cakes.  There are also  a lot of people that use  boxed cake mixtures in the pressure cooker.

Another popular cake is a fruit cake. You can make a gorgeous, moist Black Forest Cake for a special occasion. Almost any type of cake can be made.  Other moist and delicious cakes to make are molten cakes, cheese cakes, orange cakes, pineapple cakes and the ever popular red velvet cake. 

red velvet cakeYou really don’t need any special baking accessories to make the cake in the pressure cooker.  Many people like to use a spring-form pan.  Or you can use the steam basket  or rice pot that came with your pressure cooker.

Just make sure that you grease the pan or basket and then use parchment paper to cover the bottom and sides. Just use your container as a template to cut a round piece for the bottom and a long rectangle to cover the side. Any type of grease will hold the parchment paper in place. Then put grease and flour on the top side of the parchment paper so the cake won’t stick.

There are some silicone baking accessories that are new on the market that can also be used. You’ll want to place the cake pan on top of some type of rack and not let it sit on the bottom of the pressure cooker.  If you don’t have a rack, just place another pan under it.

When the cake is finished.  Take it out and let it cool on a rack.  It can then be frosted if that is what you want.  Or you can add some nuts on the top of the cake before cooking and then after taking it out, just sprinkle with some powdered sugar for a very delightful look and taste. Here is an excellent 6 quart pressure cooker that is a stove top to make your cakes in. 

You’ll find suggestions to place many different things on the bottom of themolten cake pressure cooker before placing the cake inside. Some people will suggest baking soda, salt, even sand.  I personally would stay away from sand.  The salt and baking soda are suggestions for aluminum pressure cookers to keep them from turning black inside.

Since I only suggest pressure cookers with stainless steel interiors, all you really need to use is water and a rack before placing the cake pan into the pressure cooker.

If you are using a plain cake pan, make a handle by using foil.  Just take a long piece of foil and fold it several times and place it under the pan so the excess is on the sides of the pressure cooker for easily lifting it out.

happy birthday cakeI suggest you start out with a basic cake.  And then after you are confident that this really works,  expand into something more complicated and decadent.  The possibilities are endless. Here are some other desserts you can make in the pressure cooker. Try them all.

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