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brining chickenBrining is a preparatory method of dealing with poultry, meats, or fish.  It causes whatever you are brining to become more tender, juicy, and flavorful.  It is giving the product a bath of salt. Try it—you’ll like it!

The amount of salt, water, and time is not a given formula.  You can start off with recommendations, but then adjust it to what you think is best.  This is more of a creative process than a process that you need to follow directions exactly as stated.

All it is is a matter of adding salt to water and then immersing the meat type of product into the blend and letting it set for a certain amount of time. Some people also like to add flavoring in the salt and water mixture.

The amount of salt to water ratio to start experimenting with is ¾ cup of salt to 1 gallon of water.  More or less salt can be adjusted.

The type of salt is probably the most important consideration for you to make.  Kosher salt or table salt (without iodine) is the most commonly used types of salt.  Most people prefer coarse kosher salt. Table salt and kosher salt are very different.  Kosher salt weighs about ½ of what table salt weighs.  Hence, table salt will give a stronger salt flavor.

Flavoring the salt mixture is the fun and creative part of brining.  You can add your favorite mixture of herbs and spices.  You can add some form of sweetness, which will tend to diminish the salt flavor.  Adding molasses, brown sugar, or honey is always a good sweet addition.  You can also replace some of the water with apple juice, beer, wine, cider, or any other favorite liquid you like to add while cooking.

Before brining, make sure the container you are going to use will fit into your refrigerator.  The brining process needs to be kept at least 40 degrees or under.

brining whole chickenBrining time is dependent on the size of product you are processing.  A whole turkey can be brined up to 2 full days and Cornish Game Hens can be processed for 1 to 2 hours.

There are certain factors that need to be considered for each different type of meat.  This is just a post to help you get started and give you an understanding of the brining process.  I have just recently started brining and find it really helps to deliver moist and tender chicken. You can brine the whole chicken or individual chicken pieces.  I can’t wait to try some other types of meats.

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