Breville Electric Gourmet Wok pricesThis handsome and convenient wok can whip up healthy and delicious stir-fry dinners easily and in no time at all if the prep work has already been done.

This is one of the best electric woks on the market. It is an updated version that has corrected all the old problems of the older models. Some of the older models would not get hot enough to sear the meat. The Breville EW30XL is one of the hottest electric woks on the market. There are 14 settings of heat, plus a “high sear”, which is perfect for searing any type of meat. This allows you to precisely control temperature and cooking time.

Electric Plug There is a 1500 watt butterfly heating control element that is recessed around the base to create a heat zone over the entire surface. This provides the perfect conditions for quick stir-frying and searing. This is the secret to successful wok cooking.

The wok has a 4-ply Quantanium coating which combines titanium layers with a non-stick interior. This construction not only makes for an easy clean-up but also helps you to use less oil in the cooking process. And less oil means a healthier meal.
What I like about this wok is that it has a 14 inch die cast bowl. This is the perfect size for an average house hold. It is big enough to handle a good amount of fresh vegetables. It is inspiring enough to make you want to plant a big garden so you can go out and pick fresh vegetables and then immediately cook them in this wonderful wok.

Wok with LidThis jewel of a wok comes with a heavy glass lid with a stainless steel rim. The lid also has a steam vent. The overall quality and construction of this wok is offered at a very good price. A regular pan with all these features would be much more expensive.

Last, but not least my favorite feature of this product is that it is dishwasher safe. There is a quick release base that allows you to put everything in the dishwasher expect the temperature probe and the electric cord.


Breville with FoodThis wok was reviewed by almost 250 customers and over 200 gave it the highest possible rating. The one thing everyone totally agreed on was the heat capacity. It is very important to have high heat when stir-frying and this wok more than delivers. There are several profession chefs that use this wok and they are very satisfied with all the extra qualities usually not found in a wok.

Some customers even use it for slow cooking. With the many different heat settings, it is multi-purpose. Of course, everyone loved the idea that it can be put in a dishwasher. Others really enjoyed using the non-stick surface and the quality of the construction.

There are recipes included in the package. Several owners said how much they enjoyed not only the recipes, but also that the instruction book was very informative and helped a lot in preparing the meals.


There were a few complaints concerning the non-stick surface. There were a few that complained about the surface getting scratch.

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  • 18-1/6 by 15-1/6 by 7-7/8-Inch; weighs 11-4/5-pound.
  • Quick-release removable base is dishwasher-safe
  • Heavy glass lid with steam vent and stainless-steel rim
  • 4-Layer quantanium non-stick cooking surface
  • Butterfly element with 14 heat settings plus a high sear option