Chicken Breast Dump Recipe


chicken breast

Yes,  here we go again–0ne of my favorite one pot meals because it is so healthy and EASY!

This meal has everything in it for a complete dinner.  You can substitute the carrots with another veggie if you want or add another veggie. This is such an ... Read The Rest

Are Bananas Good or Bad for you?



Are you as confused as I was?  All my life I heard how good bananas are for you because of the potassium in them.  My Dad use to eat them all the time because he said they were good for his high blood pressure. ... Read The Rest

Oatmeal for Kids

hot oatmeal

With school in full swing and the cold weather starting, we want to send our kiddos off with a healthy breakfast so their mind will be sharp.  Well, we all know one of the healthiest breakfast they can have is a warm ... Read The Rest

Perfect Holiday Side Dish

green bean and potato salad



I love this recipe for several reasons.  The first is that it can be made ahead of time.  Anything that can be made ahead of time when cooking a meal for a large gathering is a ... Read The Rest

Mexican Pork Carnitas

Mexican Pork Carnitas

If you have never had pork carnitas before you are really missing a Mexican treat to die for!

These are best cooked in a pressure cooker because the meat turns out moist and succulent. This recipe is delicious cooked in either an electric pressure cooker that has ... Read The Rest

Holiday Cheese Cake in the Pressure Cooker

cheese cake with preserves

This delicate and delicious cheese cake goes with any holiday meal. The hint of lemon makes it light and refreshing with any topping you want to add.  It is mixed in a food processor–so it is quick and easy–what more could you want?

One thing I ... Read The Rest

Pork Tenderloin in a White Sauce


PT in Pc in white saauce

This is a popular Italian way to cook pork.  The milk tenderizes the meat  while cooking.  As the milk evaporates, it combines with the juices of the meat and makes a delicious sauce. It is amazing how easily it is to ... Read The Rest