All-Clad 10-Piece Stainless Gourmet Cookware Set

All-Clad 10-Piece Stainless Gourmet Cookware Setcheck pricesThis is the perfect wedding gift for someone very special.  Or if you have just updated your kitchen, this set will inspire you to create those delicious meals.  Whatever the case, you will be more than pleased when purchasing this 10 piece stainless gourmet cookware.

This 10 piece cookware set includes an 8 inch fry pan, 10 inch fry pan, 2 quart sauce pan with lid, 3 quart sauce pan with lid, 3 quart sauté pan with lid, and an 8 quart stock pot with lid.

These are the pans that will get any kitchen off and running ready to cook almost anything.  The pans are a 3-ply bonded design with an aluminum inner core.This bonding provides an even distribution of heat.  The inner stainless steel will prevent any food from having a reaction with the metal and give your food a clean taste.  The exterior is a magnetic stainless steel which will let you use these pans on induction cook tops as well as on any other traditional cook tops.  All pieces are dishwasher safe. There is definitely lifetime this set not that you should ever have to use it.  Unlike most cookware available today, these are made in the USA.

All-Clad Mixing BowlsThe stainless steel is an 18/10 grade.  As mentioned before there are different grades of stainless. This is the quality of stainless steel that most professional chefs want to use.

All-Clad makes several different cookware sets.  You may want to check what the others include.  This particular set is recommended for those with small kitchens and limited space because with these 10 pieces you will be ready for almost anything you want to cook.



There aren’t a lot reviews, but every single review gave it the absolute highest rating and had no complaints.

All-Clad Kitchen ToolsOne commented that food cooked in these pans taste better. That is because the stainless steel interior will not interact with food.   After reading the instructions included with the set, they started cooking at a lower level of heat.  Yes, there are instructions that come with the All-Clad Set.  Take the time to read them. They give you a lot of little helpful tips. Also there were no bits of Teflon left in the food as can happen with older pans.  Get rid of those old Teflon pans.  Not only does someone not want to see “bits” of the pan in the food, there is some question as to whether they are safe to use.

Several commented on the durability of the All-Clad brand.  If you properly take care of them, they should last a lifetime.  There are instructions for their care, so make sure you read them.

One customer commented that they felt like they were cooking with tools instead of pots and pans.

The only remark made that wasn’t a praise of this product was that you could burn food.  Obviously, if you don’t watch the food cooking and the heat is too high this is possible.  They were comparing it to non-stick surfaces.  If there is any problem, the company recommends using Bar Keepers Friend to remove any burnt residue left after washing.

Obviously, you can find cheaper cookware sets but every buyer of this product has mentioned that it is worth the expense.

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  • Material: 18/10 Stainless Steel
  • Size: 10-pc.
  • Origin: Bonded cookware manufactured in the USA. Lids manufactured overseas.
  • Cleaning & Care: Handwash
  • Warranty: Lifetime