Add both Flavor and Healthy Benefits with Wine

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wine bottlesOne of the most successful secrets to making a one pot meal delicious and healthful is to substitute wine for some of the liquid in the recipe. Wine brings out flavor in the other ingredients better than water or oil.

Added flavor is infused into your meal also when marinating with wine.  The acid in the wine tenderizes meat besides adding flavor.   Wine also helps to reduce carcinogen properties that are added when frying and grilling.

Simple dishes, such as beef and chicken stew are turned into French culinary delights just by adding wine.  The flavor cannot be matched any other way.

The best wine to use for cooking is the wine you use for drinking.  The so called cooking wines are filled with additives and a tremendous amount of salt and don’t taste nearly as good.  You don’t need to specifically use certain wines for certain dinners.  But a good rule of thumb is to use red wine in meat dishes and white wine in soups and chicken dishes.  Try using your favorite bottle of wine that you would use if you were having a glass of wine with the meal.

cooking with wineA simple trick to saving wine is to freeze left over wine in ice cube trays to be used later for cooking.

Purchase a notebook and keep it with your recipe books.  Every time you purchase a bottle of wine make a notation in the notebook of the name, year, and if it is sweet or dry.  Also, if you liked it well enough to purchase it again.  Put down the meal it was served with.  And in another column write the meal you used it for cooking.  Before you know it, you will have your favorite list of wines that you like for drinking and cooking.  Experimenting will help you quickly discover what wines to use for cooking.

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