About Us

I’m Lisa LaRocco and I have found through the years that one pot meals are not only delicious but a smart way to cook.  Most everything can be prepared ahead of time and either cooked immediately or at a later date.  Once the original prep time is over, most of the work is done.  It doesn’t matter if you have a large family or you are cooking for just you the meals will be healthier and you will save money.

I started cooking more and more one pot meals gradually over the years as I got busier and busier.  It just made sense when I was in different stages of life as a wife, mother, employee, volunteer, and a million other jobs that always seem to come up.  After my three children were grown, they started asking for various recipes.  I use to write them down on recipe cards and make copies, but with email, it became so much easier to distribute them.  Over the years there have been many recipes shared with my two daughters and one son.  My daughters have their children help with the prep and cooking has become a family affair.  My son who cooks for either himself or friends has learned to use the slow cooker and makes meals on the weekends so when he comes home he has a home cooked meal that can be reheated.

All three of my children now share their recipes with me and I have learned a lot from them.  We have decided to share all our recipes, cooking tips and the great cooking tools and utensils we use with you to help you make your meals healthier and easier to cook.  Hope you enjoy them.

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